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Eliza Barry is the wife of William Barry, the mother of Diana and Minnie May Barry, and the resident of Avonlea.


Eliza has British roots which is clear in her accent but also was mentioned by her daughter Diana.[1] It's unclear exactly how she ended up in Avonlea, though one can guess that she moved due to her marriage to William.

Physical appearanceEdit

Mrs. Barry looks a lot like her eldest, Diana. They both have beautiful faces, dark hair, dark eyes, and wear elegant dresses fitting women of high class.


On the outside, Mrs. Barry doesn't appear to be a friendly woman. She judged Anne unfairly after she accidentally gave Diana currant wine and wouldn't listen to her daughter when she told her that it wasn't Anne's fault. However, under it all, she is actually a very kind and loving woman, wife, and mother. Her coldness with her husband William after the gold scam was a cover, because she wished to be included so William wouldn't blame himself. And her insistence on sending Diana to Europe though she wanted to go to Queens was only because she wanted the best for her daughter. She's also shown to be able to own up to her mistakes when Anne saved Minnie May.


Diana BarryEdit

Mrs. Barry loves her daughter Diana dearly. When she was accidentally given currant wine, she forbid Diana from being friends with Anne, even though it was an accident. This put a strain on their relationship. However, after Anne saved Minnie May, she allowed them to be friends again, restoring the closeness between them.

Anne ShirleyEdit

In the beginning, Mrs. Barry seemed to like Anne decently. But her opinion turned sour when she gave Diana currant wine. When she saved Minnie May's life, her opinion changed greatly. She allowed Anne to come with her family to Charlottetown.

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