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"Each in His Own Tongue" is a short story by Lucy Maud Montgomery published in Chronicles of Avonlea in 1912.



Read: Chronicles of Avonlea (Chapter 3: Each in His Own Tongue)



  • Abel Blaire
  • Felix Moore
  • Stephen Leonard
  • Anne Shirley (mentioned)
  • William Blair (mentioned)
  • Janet Andrews
  • Jessie Blair (mentioned)
  • Martin Moore (mentioned)
  • Margaret Moore neé Leonard (mentioned)
  • Leon Buote
  • Naomi Clark
  • Maggie Peterson
  • Janet Peterson (mentioned)



Behind the scenes[]

Story notes

  • This story gives no clue about its time setting, but it mentions Anne Shirley being a little girl "some years ago". The approximate time setting can be determined from another Chronicles of Avonlea short story. In "The Courting of Prissy Strong", Emmeline Strong refuses to attend prayer meetings "all that summer" because she disapproves of Mr. Leonard burying Naomi Clark at the harbour "just as if she was a Christian". That short story takes place in the summer of 1884 or 1885.[1] Therefore, the events of "Each in His Own Tongue" must span from the autumn of the previous year (1883 or 1884) to the spring before Prissy Strong's summer wedding (1884 or 1885).


  1. See "The Courting of Prissy Strong" story notes for reference.

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