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Dryad, also known as Toad, is a wood nymph created by Anne Shirley's imagination who often helps Anne in solving problems.


At some time, Dryad was turned into a toad and hunted down by Peg Bone. After he helped Anne with her spelling bee, he is kissed by her and turned back into a dryad. From then on, he helps Anne in solving her problems.


Dryad is kind, compassionate, and wise judge of character. He is very helpful in Anne's problems.

Physical appearance[]

When he was a toad, he was orange and had warts. When he is turned into a dryad, his face and chest is green. Dryad has pointy ears and wears a orange pointy hat and has black eyes. His feet are are three toed and orange as well.


Anne Shirley[]

Behind the scenes[]



  • The Annetoon website describes him as, A mystical and mischievous wood nymph, Dryad is quick to lead Anne through the wildest adventures she can imagine. With his magical powers, he can reveal secrets and lessons to Anne that are hidden in the depths of her imagination. But watch out, there is no telling where the two of them are going to pop up![1]
  • In "The Best Partner", the character's name is misspelled in the ending credits – Dyrad instead of Dryad.


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