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Dick Moore was the son of Abner and Mrs. Moore, the cousin of George Moore and the husband of Leslie West.


Early life[]

Dick was born in 1857 in Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island, to Abner Moore and his wife.


Abner kept store at the Glen, but Dick had a sea-going streak in him from his mother. He used to sail in summer and clerk in his father's store in winter.

"He was a big, handsome fellow, with a little ugly soul. He was always wanting something till he got it, and then he stopped wanting it - just like a man."
Cornelia Bryant about Dick.

Dick drank a good deal, and there were some nasty stories told of him and a girl down at the fishing village. He was a Methodist.

Marriage with Leslie West[]

Before wedding[]

Dick was clean mad about Leslie - because of her good looks in the first place, and because she wouldn't have anything to say to him in the second. He vowed he'd have her - and he got her.

Abner Moore held the mortgage on the West farm, and the interest was overdue some years, and Dick just went and told Rose West that if Leslie wouldn't marry him he'd get his father to foreclose the mortgage. Rose said it would break her heart to leave the home she'd come to as a bride.


Leslie loved her mother and married Dick in late 1878. They settled down at West farm with Rose. Next spring Rose died of pneumonia.

Voyage on Four Sisters[]

In 1879 Dick visited Nova Scotia.

"He went over to Nova Scotia to visit his relations - his father had come from Nova Scotia - and he wrote back to Leslie that his cousin, George Moore, was going on a voyage to Havana and he was going too. The name of the vessel was the Four Sisters and they were to be gone about nine weeks."
—Miss Cornelia about Dick's voyage.

In Havana, Dick was found on the doorstep of a boarding house, mentally insane. One year later, Captain Jim arrived in Havana, made some inquireries at local boarding houses, found him and took him home.


Physical appearance[]


Dick is a male given name of English origin and means dominant ruler.

Behind the scenes[]



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