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Diana Barry is the daughter of William and Eliza Barry, the older sister of Minnie May Barry, a student of Avonlea school, and a close friend of Anne Shirley-Cuthbert.


Diana was born to William and Eliza Barry in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. She quickly became close friends with Anne Shirley. Diana once got accidentally drunk because Anne confused juice with wine. This incident caused Diana's mother to forbid them to talk to each other, but after Anne saved Minnie May they were allowed to reunite.

When William lost a lot of the Barry family's income due to the gold scam, Diana had a few difficulties with her parents. Eliza was determined that Diana went to finishing school, which made her pick up the role of educating Diana. This caused tension within the family but it all got solved after some time.

Physical appearance[]

Diana is a young girl who is often described as very beautiful. She has long dark-brown hair that she usually accessorizes with a blue ribbon, dark eyes, fair skin, and a warm smile.


Diana Barry is a kind and sweet girl. Being brought up in a well to do family, Diana is very polite and versed in social etiquette. She is loyal and diplomatic, as seen by the way she constantly stands up to her own friends for Anne's sake. She is more down to earth than Anne, but has a great appreciation for the other's imagination.


Mrs. Eliza Barry[]

Mrs. Eliza Barry is Diana's mother. She has her heart set on Diana attending Finishing School rather than go to college with the rest of her friends, which often leads to an argument between them.

Minnie May Barry[]

Diana and Minnie May have a normal sisterly relationship. Minnie May annoys her with her childish antics and such, but when she got sick, Diana was very worried about her. This shows Diana truly loves her sister.

Jerry Baynard[]

Jerry and Diana had very minimal contact but they have both flirted with one another on numeral occasions and Jerry once said that Diana was ‘the full package’ and ‘the most beautiful girl he had ever seen’.

Anne Shirley-Cuthbert[]

Diana and Anne are bosom friends. Anne has the imagination and Diana is more down to earth, but they always take pleasure in each other's company.


Diana is a female given name of Latin origin, related to the word dyeus and means heavenly, divine. Diana was a Roman goddess of the moon and hunting, often identified with the Greek goddess Artemis. The surname Barry derives from Irish and Gaelic and means fair hair.

Behind the scenes[]



  • The CBC website describes her as, Anne's loyal friend and kindred spirit. Diana is the perfect match for Anne; she's a sensible, grounded girl who balances out Anne's flights of fancy.[1]


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