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This article is about Anne Shirley's best friend. You may be looking for Gilbert and Anne Blythe's daughter, Diana Blythe, or Jerry and Nan Meredith's daughter, Diana Meredith.

"Stella Maynard is the dearest girl in the world except one and you are that one, Diana."
Anne Shirley to her best friend, Diana[src]

Diana Wright (née Barry) was the daughter of George and Mrs. Barry, the older sister of Minnie May, the wife of Fred Wright, the mother of Fred Jr., Anne Cordelia, and Jack Wright and the bosom friend of Anne Shirley.


Early life[]

Diana was born in February 1865 in Orchard Slope, Avonlea, to George and Mrs. Barry. There was a schoolmaster boarding with the Barry family at the time and he named the newborn girl Diana.

In September of 1871, Diana attended Avonlea school. When she was eight years old, her younger sister Minnie May was born.

Arrival of Anne Shirley[]

A little over a month after Anne Shirley moved into Green Gables, Marilla suggested Diana as a possible friend for her. Optimistic and hopeful, Anne was immediately exuberant and excited at the thought of becoming friends with Diana, though she was worried if Diana's mother would approve of her. Fortunately for Anne, Mrs. Barry did allow her to be Diana's playmate. The two became dear friends, following a special ceremony in which they swore to be "bosom friends" forever. 

Diana's mother was worried that Diana read too much. After Anne Shirley arrived, however, it is assumed that she stopped reading so much and became intimate friends with Anne

School years[]

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Much to Anne's surprise, Diana said yes when Fred Wright asked her to marry him. During the course of Anne of Avonlea, the two were engaged. Anne was glad her bosom friend was happy, but secretly considered Fred far different from the dashing, handsome, and wicked ideal Diana had dreamed of in younger years.

Marriage with Fred Wright[]

In June 1886, Diana and Fred got married in Orchard Slope, Avonlea. She chose Anne for bridesmaid, and Gilbert was Fred's best man. Diana wore a beautiful white wedding gown, pink roses, and a misty veil.

Diana and Fred had together three children. In July 1887, she gave birth to her first child, Fred Jr. who was named after his father and was portly. 

In December of the next year, her second child was born. She named her daughter Anne Cordelia after her childhood best friend Anne and her dream name behind it. Avonlea was shocked that she chose the name "Cordelia," as it was not in either of the Wright or Barry connections.

In late 1890, Diana gave birth to her youngest child and named him Jack.


Diana Barry was a sensible and pretty girl who was friends with Anne Shirley. She doesn't have a lot of imagination, but is still spirited and adventurous in her own way.


Anne Shirley[]

Anne and Diana became best friends upon first meeting when Anne swore "eternal friendship" with her in the garden. They kept their promise to each other and remained best friends even when Mrs. Barry wouldn't let Diana play with Anne because Anne had accidentally set Diana drunk on currant wine. Later, however, when Anne saved Diana's younger sister Minnie May's life, Mrs. Barry let her daughter play with Anne again.

Fred Wright[]

Diana probably met Fred in Avonlea when they started courting. He was much different than the "ideal man" that Diana wanted to marry when she was younger—he was "round and red". However, Diana still loved him and entrusted him with her secrets, later marrying him in 1886.

After their marriage, the couple had three children: Fred Jr., Anne Cordelia, and Jack.

Gilbert Blythe[]

Gilbert and Diana were acquaintances through school and grew more friendly as they grew older and Anne's fondness for Gilbert grew.

Mrs. Barry[]

Diana seemed to have a good relationship with her mother. However, she was mad with her because she forbade her to speak to Anne when Anne had sent her drunk on currant wine. When she allowed them to be friends again, she forgave her.

Minnie May Barry[]

Diana had a good relationship with her younger sister. She was hysterical when Minnie May had croup, which shows that she loved her sister.

Physical appearance[]

"She was a very pretty little girl, with her mother's black eyes and hair, and rosy cheeks, and the merry expression which was her inheritance from her father."
Anne of Green Gables, Chapter 12[src]

Diana was rosy cheeked with black, curly hair and black eyes. She was slightly plump but still very lovely in appearance, with dimples.


Diana is a female given name of Latin origin, related to the word dyeus and means heavenly, divine. Diana was a Roman goddess of the moon and hunting, often identified with the Greek goddess Artemis. The surname Barry derives from Irish and Gaelic and means fair hair.

  • A schoolmaster, who was boarding at Orchard Slope at the time of her birth, was the one who named her Diana.
  • Diana's friend Anne Shirley named one of her twin daughters Diana. Years later, her sister Nan named her only daughter Diana.

Behind the scenes[]


  • Diana was modeled after Laura Pritchard Agnew, one of Lucy Maud Montgomery's first kindred spirits, who lived in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Gilbert Blythe was modeled after Laura's brother Will.
  • Diana's name was originally Laura, then it was changed to Gertrude.
  • In the books, Diana is known for her black hair and she is married to Fred Wright. In the 1934 film, Diana was blonde and she was married to Mr. Roberts. Their wedding took place during Anne's stay in Charlottetown, so she wasn't able to attend her friend's wedding.


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