David "Davy" Keith was the son of Mary Keith, the twin brother of Dora, the husband of Millie and a resident of Green Gables.


Life in East GraftonEdit

Davy and his twin sister Dora were born in summer 1875 in East Grafton to Mr. Keith and his wife Mary Keith. They were raised there and played together. Their father died when twins were too young and they didn't remember him very well.

In summer 1881, when they were six years old, their mother became ill. The third cousin of their father, Marilla Cuthbert, often visited her and promised that she would care of them until their uncle Richard would be able to take them.

Arrival to Green GablesEdit

Davy was adopted by Marilla Cuthbert at the age of six, and remained with her at Green Gables. He never knew Matthew, since he died before Davy knew him. He was adopted because his father and their mother died, so it started that Marilla would look out for them in the fall, then the winter, then the spring... In the end, Marilla and Anne got to keep the twins at Green Gables.

Life at Green GablesEdit

Marilla, with help from Anne and Mrs. Lynde, raised him and his sister. Davy and Dora attended the local school, where Anne was the schoolmaster until she left to continue her studies at Redmond College. Davy did not find Anne's successor, her friend Jane Andrews, to be a very enjoyable teacher due to her prim and strict demeanor in contrast to the more spirited and imaginative Anne.

Marriage with MillieEdit

Davy met Millie probably during studies at Avonlea school. Years later they fell in love with each other and when Davy proposed her, Millie agreed.

They married in late 1890s in Avonlea. Davy's guardians Marilla and Rachel were invited for the wedding along with his sister Dora, her husband Ralph and Diana's family. Also Anne and Gilbert came with their children Jem, Walter, Nan and Di.

Davy and Millie lived at Green Gables and had together several children. The Blythe and Wright children befriended them and were good friends and called him Uncle Davy.


As a child Davy was mischievous and got into many "scrapes" as a result, much like Anne of old. He teased his twin mercilessly often leading Dora into scrapes of her own. As Davy matured he became hard working but never lost his curiosity and zeal for life. Both Anne and Marilla secretly admitted that they preferred the feisty and sweet Davy to the prim and admittedly boring Dora.

Physical appearanceEdit


David is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means beloved. This name was very popular in late 19th century.

Behind the scenesEdit



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Book appearances


  1. Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story
    RACHEL LYNDE: Have you heard the news?
    ANNE: No.
    RACHEL LYNDE: Davy Keith’s signed up.
    ANNE: Has he?
    RACHEL LYNDE: Trust that bright little devil to come home driving the tank. But that’s not the worst, or the latest.
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