"No hat pins for Miss Cornelia, an it please ye! Elastic bands had been good enough for her mother and they were good enough for her."
—Description of Cornelia[src]

Cornelia Elliott (née Bryant) was the daughter of Mr. and Anne Bryant, the wife of Marshall Elliott, the adoptive mother of Mary Vance and the neighbour of Anne and Gilbert.


Early lifeEdit

Cornelia was born in 1848 in Four Winds, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Anne Bryant. She was raised there and attended school in September 1854, when she was six years old. Cornelia was an only child for eight years, but she wanted a brother or sister. Her mother told her to pray for one and she prayed so much.

One day in 1856, her Aunt Nellie came to their house and lived with them. When Cornelia's brother was born, Aunt Nellie came to Cornelia and told her that she would have a little brother.

"Cornelia, there is a little brother for you upstairs in your ma's room. You can go up and see him."
—Aunt Nellie to Cornelia.[src]

Cornelia was so excited and flew upstairs to mother's room. Old Mrs. Flagg lifted up the baby for her to see her little brother. However, Cornelia was disappointed because she'd been praying for a brother two years older than herself.

Cornelia couldn't even look at her brother for weeks. Then he began to get real cute, he held out his hands to her and Cornelia began to get fond of him. They really reconciled when her school chum came to see him and said she thought he was awful small for his age. Cornelia became angry and told her that their baby was the nicest one in the world.

Their mother died probably in 1858, before Cornelia's brother was three years only. Cornelia was sister and mother to him both.

"And after that I just worshipped him. Seems to me I'd have given anything on earth, Anne, dearie, if he'd only lived."
—Cornelia about her brother to Anne Shirley.

Marriage with MarshallEdit

In the end of Anne's House of Dreams, she married Marshall Elliott, much to everyone's surprise and Susan Baker's envy. The aforesaid Susan was angry because Cornelia was always abusing men, but she put her hand out and got married immediately, despite this.

Adoption of Mary VanceEdit

World War IEdit


She disliked men and insulted them, along with the Methodists. She was also shown to be quite caring in some respects, making a little dress for the eighth Proctor child because it was the last one and its mother would never keep her children decently clothed if the neighbours didn't help. The Blythes were her dear friends, and she loved teasing Captain Jim Boyd.

Physical appearanceEdit

"She had a fresh, round, pink-and-white face, and jolly brown eyes. She did not look in the least like the traditional old maid, and there was something in her expression which won Anne instantly."
Anne's House of Dreams[src]


Cornelia is a female given name of Latin origin and means horn.

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