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Chronicles of Avonlea is a short story collection by L. M. Montgomery, featuring Avonlea, the village where Anne Shirley grew up.


"To the memory of
a dear friend who has gone beyond."


On Prince Edward Island, where Anne of Green Gables grew up, there is a place near the sea called Avonlea. And in this special place in days not so long ago, lived some very special people.

In stories filled with the magic of love, you'll laugh as a clever spinster cleverly tricks a shy suitor to propose. You'll hold your breath in suspense as Old Man Shaw awaits his daughter's return to Avonlea, bringing him another chance for happiness... or terrible disappointment. In these twelve unforgettable tales, intriguing new characters welcome the reader into their hearts and world - and teach us to better understand our own. (from the 1992 Bantam Books reissue)


  1. "The Hurrying of Ludovic"
  2. "Old Lady Lloyd"
  3. "Each in His Own Tongue"
  4. "Little Joscelyn"
  5. "The Winning of Lucinda"
  6. "Old Man Shaw's Girl"
  7. "Aunt Olivia's Beau"
  8. "The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's"
  9. "Pa Sloane's Purchase"
  10. "The Courting of Prissy Strong"
  11. "The Miracle at Carmody"
  12. "The End of a Quarrel"


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