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Christine Stuart was a friend of Gilbert Blythe and was briefly engaged to him.


Christine is a friend of Gilbert Blythe and the daughter of Dr. Stuart, a prominent doctor from Halifax. She attends at the wedding of Diana Barry and Fred Wright while accompanying Gilbert. When Gilbert notices that Anne seems upset that he appeared at the wedding with Christine, he iterates that he and Christine are friends. However, Anne rejects his attempt to propose to her again.

Because Christine appeared at the wedding as Gilbert's guest, many residents of Avonlea are convinced that she and Gilbert are a couple. Josie Pye and Tillie Boulter suggest that Anne Shirley is jealous that Christine has won Gilbert's affections, though Christine remarks that she and Gilbert are only friends and that she thought that Anne looked lovely as Diana's bridesmaid.

After Anne begins teaching at Kingsport Ladies' College, she runs into Gilbert, who reveals that he has since become engaged to Christine. Though Dr. Stuart has influence in Halifax and hopes to keep Christine and Gilbert in Nova Scotia, Gilbert expresses his intention to set up his future medical practice on Prince Edward Island and to bring Christine with him. However, Gilbert becomes ill with scarlet fever while working at a hospital in Halifax and returns to the island alone to recover. When Anne goes to see him, he reveals that he called off his engagement to Christine because he felt it would be unfair to marry Christine when he realized he would always love Anne.


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