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Charlotte E. Morgan was the aunt of Priscilla Grant and a famous novelist. She lived in Toronto.


Early life[]

Visit to Green Gables[]

Anne had previously prepared for Mrs. Morgan's welcome in July, but she did not show up. Later, Priscilla and Mrs. Morgan came unexpectedly in August. Anne was able to prepare the pantry for Mrs. Morgan's arrival and 'rose to the occasion'.

Diana Barry brought a carved chicken cooked by her mother, which was supplemented by light new bread, excellent butter and cheese, Marilla's fruit cake and a dish of preserved plums, floating in their golden syrup as in congealed summer sunshine. There was a big bowlful of pink-and-white asters also, by way of decoration; yet the spread seemed very meager (to Anne) beside the elaborate one formerly prepared for Mrs. Morgan.


Physical appearance[]


Charlotte is a female given name of Old German origin and means free man.

Behind the scenes[]


  • Sabine Arnhold provided the voice of Charlotte E. Morgan in the German audio drama Anne of Avonlea (2008).
  • Susan Field portrayed the character in two episodes of the 1975 TV series Anne of Avonlea. She was the first actress to play the part.


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