Charlotta Bowman was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bowman, the sister of Julietta, Evelina and Leonora and the first maid of Lavendar Lewis.


Early lifeEdit

Charlotta was born in 1859 in West Grafton, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Bowman. She was raised there along with her younger sisters Julietta, Evelina and Leonora. Charlotta attended West Grafton school at the age of six, but she didn't finish it.

Working for Lavendar LewisEdit

In 1872, when she was thirteen, she moved to Echo Lodge, the home of Lavendar Lewis, and stayed with her for board and clothes. Charlotta lived there until the age of sixteen and then she moved to Boston because she could do better there. In the following years, Charlotta was succeeded by her younger sisters as Lavendar's maid. Because of the strong resemblance between the sisters and their fancy names, Lavendar kept calling Julietta, the next Bowman girl to work for her, Charlotta, and became a habit to refer to each of Bowman sisters as "Charlotta", though Lavendar did know their names.

Physical appearanceEdit

According to Lavendar Lewis, four Bowman sisters looked similar and that was the reason why she called each one Charlotta, after the eldest of the sisters. Since it is known that Charlotta's sister Leonora had blonde hair, then Charlotta was very likely also blonde.


Charlotta is a female given name of Old German origin, variant of Carol and Charlotte, and means free man.


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