"And of course that's Charlie Sloane. He hasn't changed - couldn't! He looked just like that when he was born, and he'll look like that when he's eighty."
Priscilla Grant about Charlie.

Charles "Charlie" Sloane was a member of the Sloane family, a student of the Avonlea school, Queen's Academy and Redmond College, as well as one of Anne Shirley's romantic relationships.


Early lifeEdit

Charlie was born to Mr. and Mrs. Sloane in Avonlea, probably in 1865. He was raised there along with his friends and family. When he was six years old, he attended the Avonlea school.


Queen's AcademyEdit

Charlie, along with Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Jane Andrews, Ruby Gillis, Josie Pye and Moody Spurgeon MacPherson, joined a special class for future Queen's Academy students. They all passed the examination and attended school in September 1880. Charlie studied there for two years, along with Moody, Ruby and Josie. In September 1882, he probably started teaching.

Next spring, Charlie was rumoured to have written the Charlottetown Daily Enterprise.

"Gossip ascribed the authorship thereof to Charlie Sloane, partly because the said Charlie had indulged in similar literary flights in times past, and partly because one of the notes seemed to embody a sneer at Gilbert Blythe."
Anne of Avonlea, Chapter 24

Redmond CollegeEdit

Charlie was one of three people who left Avonlea in September 1883 and went to study at Redmond College. He, along with Anne and Gilbert, sailed the boat from the Island to Kingsport. He promptly became so seasick that he had to go below, and Anne and Gilbert were left alone on deck.

Later lifeEdit

Charlie became engaged in 1888 to an unknown girl. They had a wedding one year later, probably in Avonlea.


Charlie was not very pleasant - there wasn't anything wrong with him, he merely was Charlie Sloane. He had goggle-eyes, did not have a good sense of humour, and could not laugh over anything like Gilbert.


Anne ShirleyEdit

Charlie was in love with Anne when she was seventeen, as was Gilbert. There was a great deal of back-and-forth between Gilbert and Charlie - Anne attended parties with both. She disliked Charlie's goggle-eyes and didn't think he could marry her.

On the other hand, Charlie proposed her at the Harvey twins' house.

"Will you promise to be Mrs. Charlie Sloane some day?"
—Charlie proposed Anne Shirley.

Anne refused. The Sloanes were all cold to Anne due to that.

Physical appearanceEdit


Charles is a male given name of Old German origin and means free man.

Behind the scenesEdit


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