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Carmody is a village in Prince Edward Island, located near Avonlea.


In the 1870s, people from Avonlea and other nearby villages frequently went to Carmody to buy the things they needed due to the lack of stores in their hometowns. Carmody had two of them, one owned by William J. Blair and the other one by Samuel Lawson. Two doctors lived there at this time, Dr. Spencer and Dr. Blair. A dressmaker lived there as well.

In spring 1876, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert wanted to adopt a boy to help them around their house so they sent word to Mrs. Spencer by Richard Spencer's folks at Carmody.[1]

In the summer of the same year, Diana Barry went to Carmody to visit her aunt.[2] In the following weeks, Matthew and Marilla often purchased something for Anne in one of the stores, namely a fabric with stiff print of an ugly blue shade in order to make Anne new dress or some chocolate sweets.[3][4]

In October, Marilla went to Carmody on the meeting of the Aid Society, allowing Anne to ask Diana to come over and have tea at Green Gables. The next day, Diana went to Carmody with her father, leaving Anne unable to say farewell to her.[5]

In January 1877, Matthew met Mr. Phillips in William Blair's store and they talked about Anne's progress at school. A week later, Diana showed up at the doorstep of Green Gables and asked for help for her ill sister. Matthew immediately harnessed the sorrel mare to go to Carmody for the doctor. However, both the doctors were in Charlottetown so he had to drive to Spencervale to find one.[6]

Near the end of the year, Matthew went to Carmody determined to buy a nice dress for Anne. He always had gone to the Blair's store, but being afraid of his two daughters, he entered the Lawson's one. Matthew was surprised to find there a lady clerk, Lawson's niece Lucilla Harris. He didn't have enough courage to ask for dress and eventually left the store with a new rake and twenty pounds of brown sugar. Mrs. Lynde decided to make the dress herself and went to William Blair's store to buy a nice rich brown fabric.[7]

In the late 1870s, Miss MacPherson of Avonlea was appointed the new teacher at Sunday school. She went to Alexander Abraham Bennett's to investigate why Jimmy Spencer was absent from the classes. Upon arriving at Alexander Abraham's house, Dr. Blair of Carmody made a call and found her there. He informed her the house was under quarantine for smallpox. Miss MacPherson was forced to stay there and later that day, served the bread from Carmody bakery for an afeternoon tea.[8]

The last winter Anne spent in Avonlea before she started her studies at Queen's Academy, she had her new coat made by a Carmody dressmaker and a cap bought there as well.[9] The branch railroad to Carmody was to be finished before Anne's departure to Charlottetown.[10]

In the summer of 1880, the guests of White Sands Hotel got up a concert in aid of the Charlottetown hospital, and hunted out all the available amateur talent in the surrounding districts to help it along. A Carmody resident Winnie Adella Blair was to sing a Scotch ballad.[11]

During their first weeks at Queen's Academy, the Avonlea students went out to Carmody on the new branch railway every Friday night. Diana Barry and the young people of Avonlea were there waiting for them almost every time and walked them home from Carmody.[12]

After Matthew Cuthbert's death, Mr. Sadler from Carmody wanted to buy Green Gables. Marilla refused his offer as Anne decided to stay in Avonlea and not to study at Redmond College. She intended to teach at Carmody school, commute there and back in the warm weather and come home only for weekends during the winter. However, as Gilbert Blythe withdrew his application for the Avonlea school, Anne ended up teaching in Avonlea, Gilbert in White Sands and Priscilla Grant got the Carmody school.[13][14]

Mrs. Lynde: "They've given the Carmody school to Priscilla Grant. Didn't you go to Queen's with a girl of that name, Anne?"
Anne: "Yes, indeed. Priscilla to teach at Carmody! How perfectly lovely!"
Rachel Lynde and Anne Shirley discuss the new Carmody teacher.[src]

Anne and Diana drove over to Carmody on a shopping expedition. On the way home, Anne noticed a Jersey cow in Mr. Harrison's field and with Diana's help tried to get her out of there. Mr. Shearer of Carmody happened to drive by with his son Jim. He had wanted to buy the cow the previous week and offered the same again. Jim took the cow, left with her to Carmody and sent her to the town in the evening.[15][16]

The Carmody cheese factory was supplied with milk from nearby villages. Clifton Sloane drove there the milk from Avonlea.[17]

Joshua Pye from Carmody was chosen to paint the Avonlea Hall as all four families of Pyes who lived in Avonlea said they wouldn't give a cent unless Joshua got it. Roger Pye bought the colour and Joshua painted the walls, not knowing he had the wrong colour. Only after he finished the job and left home, Mrs. Lynde discovered the mistake he had made on her way from Carmody.[18]

At some point after the arrival of Davy and Dora Keith to Green Gables, Anne Shirley went to a concert held in Carmody.[19]

After a year of teaching at the Carmody school, Priscilla Grant decided to take school back in her hometown and Ruby Gillis became the next teacher.[20] She was very popular there and had many admirers among the local boys.[21]

"She talks about nothing but boys and what compliments they pay her, and how crazy they all are about her at Carmody. And the strange thing is, they ARE, too... Last night when I saw her in Mr. Blair's store she whispered to me that she'd just made a new 'mash.'"
—Diana Barry[src]

On May 23, 1883, the big storm came and hit the area around Carmody, leaving many windows broken and houses damaged.[22]

"Goodness only knows when we'll get glass for [our windows]. Mr. Barry went over to Carmody this afternoon but not a pane could he get for love or money. Lawson and Blair were cleaned out by the Carmody people by ten o'clock."
—Marilla Cuthbert[src]

In September 1883, Anne, Gilbert and Charlie Sloane had to go to the Bright River station since the branch line train from Carmody did not connect with the boat train.[23] However, whenever Anne was coming home from Kingsport, she got off the train in Carmody where Diana was waiting for her.[24]

At some point after the wedding of Lavendar Lewis and Stephen Irving, Anne managed to hurry Ludovic Speed of Middle Grafton into proposing to Theodora Dix. As a consequence of his sudden awakening, Ludovic rushed to Carmody and asked Joshua Pye to paint his house.[25]

Ruby Gillis planned to go a concert in Carmody with Herb Spencer in the summer of 1884. Several days later, a party was held at the Gillis' house and Morgan Bell of Carmody came there, being one of Ruby's numerous admirers.[26]

Not long after that, Anne went to Carmody to spend Sunday with her friends, causing the twins go on their own to Sunday school.[27]

In the spring of 1885, Anne surprised Marilla by coming home a day early. She revealed she had walked from Carmody, admiring the moonlight and frogs singing, and the mailman was supposed to bring her trunk the following day.[28]

At some point before 1886, Anne Shirley helped Stephen Clark of Carmody with getting married.[29]



  • Diana Barry's aunt
  • Diana Barry's cousins
  • Morgan Bell
  • Dr. Blair
  • William J. Blair
  • William J. Blair's two daughters
  • Winnie Adella Blair
  • Stephen Clark
  • Stephen Clark's first wife
  • Dressmaker
  • Priscilla Grant (briefly)
  • Ruby Gillis (briefly)
  • Lucilla Harris
  • Samuel Lawson
  • Samuel Lawson's son
  • Samuel Lawson's wife
  • Mailman
  • Joshua Pye
  • Mr. Sadler
  • Jim Shearer
  • Mr. Shearer
  • Dr. Spencer
  • Richard Spencer's folks
  • Prissy Strong


  • Carmody bakery
  • Carmody cheese factory
  • Carmody school
  • William J. Blair's store
  • Samuel Lawson's store



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