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Boston is the capital of the U.S. state of Massachusetts. Founded on September 7, 1630, it was named after an English town.


Many people from Prince Edward Island went to Boston for a vision of better life. Mrs. Pye, the mother of Gertie and Josie, had a cousin who lived there with her husband.[1] Thomas Lynde used to work in Boston at some point before 1876 and was cheated out of ten dollars by his employer. As a result, his wife began to hate all the "Yankees".[2]

"...neither angels nor principalities nor powers could have convinced Mrs. Rachel that the whole United States was not responsible for it."
Anne of Avonlea[src]

Jordan Gray went up to Boston one winter to work and fell in love with Hester Murray who worked in a store in Boston. However, she hated her job and when he proposed to her, she said she would marry him if he'd take her away to some quiet spot where she'd see nothing but fields and trees.[3]

"She was tired to death of the noise of the big city and the crowds of people always coming and going and caring nothing for her. She just wanted to escape from it all to some still, green, friendly place where she could rest."
Anne Shirley[src]

After Hester's death, Jordan sold their house and went back to Boston where he died ten years later.

Cora Courtaloe, the aunt of Valentine, married a Yankee named Thomas and lived all her life in Boston. When she came back to Summerside for a visit, she saw the old graveyard and told her husband to bury her there.[4]

"So he did – not immediately, of course, but three years later, when she died."
Valentine Courtaloe[src]

The four Bowman girls worked as housemaids for Miss Lavendar Lewis at Echo Lodge until they were 16 and then they went away to Boston because they could do better there.[5]

Stephen Irving from Avonlea went off to the States and married a "Yankee woman". He lived with her and their son Paul in Boston for more than a decade and did not come back to Prince Edward Island, though his mother went to see him once or twice. After his wife's death, Stephen sent his son to Avonlea.[6] Two years later, Paul wrote to his father about Miss Lavendar and Stephen decided to visit his birthplace and the woman he loved in his youth. Stephen and Lavendar got married in the summer of 1883 and after the wedding moved to Boston with Paul and Charlotta the Fourth.[7] After they were settled in their new home, Charlotta wrote a note to Anne and admitted she didn't like Boston at all, and was fearfully homesick[8]

At some point after the wedding of Lavendar Lewis and Stephen Irving, their family friend from Boston, Arnold Sherman, came to Prince Edward Island to spend the summer with them at Echo Lodge.[9]

Rachel Lynde's niece lived in Boston in the 1880s and sent her aunt the local paper with tha articles about murder trials. There must have been much higher crime rate than in Avonlea, therefore Rachel thought the States had to be an awful place and hoped that Anne Shirley would never go there.[10]

In the autumn of 1883, Ruby Gillis gadded off to Boston for a visit. Few weeks later, she had an attack of congestion and stopped teaching.[11]

A gentleman from Boston owned a small island called Flying Cloud, located near Summerside. He had his summer house built there.[12]

Hazel Marr, a young woman who lived in Summerside and who used to be a friend of Anne Shirley, went up to Boston to get her trousseau so she could marry her fiancé, Terry Garland.[13]

After being reunited with her father, Elizabeth Grayson moved with him to Boston.[14]

Leona Shaw from the Harbour Head started off to the States in 1892 after Phil Turner had jilted her. She returned from Boston nine years later to nurse her mother and brought her a new lace nightgown.[15]



  • Jordan Gray's house
  • Arnold Sherman's residence
  • Unnamed store



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