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Welcome to my blog!

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Davisvicki Davisvicki 9 December 2019

I can't believe it's cancelled

Anne with an E has been the most delightful program I have watched in many years. I have seen both seasons several times and it does not get old watching it over and over. I am deeply saddened that it has been cancelled, but I'm so looking forward to the third season.

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Eikakou Eikakou 26 November 2019

Anne (CBC series), season 3, episode 10 - The Better Feeling of My Heart review

It's the last episode! One more recap/review. While the season isn't going to air on Netflix until January, it aired the finale episode yesterday on CBC. And sadly, it really is the last episode of the series.

If you haven't heard, CBC and Netflix decided not to continue their partnership for creating content. I'm not sure how what parts of CBC and what parts of Netflix contributed to the show's production, though I think CBC wanted to do the series but needed the Netflix money to be able to achieve such high production quality on Anne. And then today, it was announced that Anne with an E has been cancelled. =O

Netflix loves to cancel after three seasons, but maybe a feature film finale? Please?

So, what about the better feeling of my heart?…

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Eikakou Eikakou 23 November 2019

Anne (CBC series), season 3, episode 9 - A Dense and Frightful Darkness review

A remarkable number of things happened this episode, with only one more left before the season finale!

And it feels like a rather appropriate title for the episode.

Time for the penultimate season 3 review/recap!



So there are several main threads this episode: Ka'kwet and the residential school; Anne and Gilbert's responses to what they think relationship is; and Sebastian and Hazel's relationship.

Anne is encouraged by Marilla to make her feelings to Gilbert clear, but it seems fate thwarts her at every turn. She arrives at Gilbert's house when he's away, and the note she leaves gets progressively and unwittingly destroyed, so he never receives it. She's away for two days to help Ka'kwet, so even Diana's increasingly delaye…

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Eikakou Eikakou 13 November 2019

Anne (CBC series), season 3, episode 8 - Great and Sudden Change review

Interesting fact alert! The first season's episode titles are quotes taken from Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Bronte). Given Anne's attachment to the book and its recurrence (like at Josephine's party) in the second season, I made the assumption that the second season's titles were also taken from the same book. It turns out the second season episode title quotes are from Middlemarch (by George Eliot)! And the third season's episode titles are quotations from Frankenstein (by Mary Shelley), which Jerry is seen reading. All three books are by female writers, so I wonder if the fourth season will also take episode title quotes from another female writer?

Also, I watched Frankie Drake Mysteries on Monday, and the actress who plays Josephine appears as…

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 8 November 2019

A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good: A Review

Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since my last review and trust me, I wanted to post one after every episode. But you know me, always busy. I was wondering if I should write my reviews in the right order – I wanted to share my thoughts after episodes 5 and 6 so badly. Now I decided that I should use this rare opportunity and write down my thoughts right after episode 7. Coincidentally, it explores the themes that are currently present in my personal life and which made me upset / angry / frustrated only a few days ago. So yeah, I am basically doing the same thing as Anne did in this episode – writing it down immediately, so it could have an impact. Or in my case, so I could let out my emotions.

I believe there is no need to cover t…

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Eikakou Eikakou 5 November 2019

Anne (CBC series), season 3, episode 7 - A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good review

I can't believe it - it's episode seven, which means there's only three episodes left after this one! But as we've seen with previous seasons, three episodes can certainly pack in a lot. And there's quite a few plots that need to be resolved before the end of the season, especially after this episode.

As wont to say, ONWARD! Thar be spoilers below-eth!


This episode focuses strongly on the theme of fairness. And thematically, it does directly follow what happened in the The Summit of My Desires in terms of fairness to women. However, it looks also being fair to peers and to the community as a whole, within a family dynamic, within a relationship, and its effects, including the consequences, on others.

So, what was Anne doing at the end of…

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Eikakou Eikakou 29 October 2019

Anne (CBC series), season 3, episode 6 - The Summit of My Desires review

Hahaha, after a big catch-up, I think I'm back on track this week? And wow, what a roller coaster of an episode.

There's a lot of hopes in the air, but a lot that drop very quickly back down to earth in this episode.

Spoilers ahead!


So it's county fair time and everyone wants to put up their best front: Marilla wants to defend her plum puff winning streak, while Matthew is hoping to get a prize with his very large radish (it's honestly adorable how Matthew puts in so much effort to look his best - he just keeps combing his hair until it's all nice and tidy!) and Anne wants to win making a cake she learned from Mary. But since the county fair is also an opportunity to meet people from out of town, Josie's mother wants to make sure her dau…

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Eikakou Eikakou 27 October 2019

Anne (CBC series), season 3, episode 5 - I Am Fearless and Therefore Powerful review

Uh-uh-uh-uh episode five, episode five, uh-uh-uh-uh, episode fiiiiivvveee fiiiivveee, episode five, episode five... ahem.

But enough of my cheesy singing.

So to complete the catch-up for reviews/recaps, episode 5! Some lighter fare after some pretty heavy episodes. But it's not all fun and games for everyone - marriage and motherhood is the game we're talking about. Serious stuff.

Let's go, spoilers below !


Everyone is thinking about the birds and the bees it seems. Well, Gilbert is thinking about the bees, because there's an apiary on his farm and he's collecting honey (and maybe he's telling the bees the recent news). Everyone else is thinking of motherhood and marriage. Anne said at the beginning of the season that now that she's si…

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Eikakou Eikakou 27 October 2019

Anne (CBC series), season 3, episode 4 - A Hope of Meeting You in Another World review

So here's part the next of my review/recap catch-up today. I didn't realize I was so far behind... IRL really got my anxieties all the up to eleven pretty much the end of September to now. Hopefully my memory isn't too fuzzy with this episode and I don't mix up the events of this one and the next.


(Okay, those caps look obnoxious. Oops.)

A caution warning here, especially for indigenous viewers: this episode involves violence against minors by religious figures at residential schools.


With everyone focusing on Mary the previous episode, several other threads were set aside. Or maybe just delayed. This episode focuses on family. So what do we have this time? …

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Eikakou Eikakou 27 October 2019

Anne (CBC series), season 3, episode 3 - What Can Stop the Determined Heart review

Hi, it's been awhile since the last review/recap! It's been a rough few weeks, at least for me - there was a Federal election in Canada and it was the most anxiety-inducing one that I've had a chance to vote in. Is this how other people feel in other countries? Yikes... in any case, that's why I haven't written in a while if anyone is curious.

But I did keep watching the new episodes each week. I'm going my memory with these episodes, so hopefully I'm not too off with the details.


I mean it, something pretty big happens. Last chance!


This episode was really sad. It broke my heart, honestly. Unsourced articles by Business Insider (or something) kept saying that a major character wou…

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 5 October 2019

A Secret Which I Desired to Divine: A Review

I know, I still haven’t covered the remaining 7 episodes of Season 2. My bad. It’s been a busy year. And I have to admit, I like this weekly format a lot better. The expectations, the excitement and mainly, the ability to write down one’s thoughts without knowing what happens next. I quite like the style I used for Season 2’s reviews, dissecting the episode and analyzing its themes, so I will use it this year as well. Let’s start with the first episode of Season 3, "A Secret Which I Desired to Divine".

1. Family – The concept of family is one of the key themes of this episode (and I dare say of the whole season as well). As Anne comes of age and the upcoming birthday remind her of her late parents, she finds herself observing the families ar…

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Eikakou Eikakou 1 October 2019

Anne (CBC series), season 3, episode 2 - There Is Something at Work In My Soul Which I Do Not Understand review

I'm going to try to keep this shorter than the last review. That was actually exhausting to cover everything that happened.

This was a pretty difficult episode to watch, because there was a lot of emotional tension.

Spoilers ahoy!


So we have several threads for the episode: Anne is going to Nova Scotia with Cole to find information on her parents, Marilla frets in Avonlea, Miss Stacy is dismayed that Rachel is determined to find her a man, Gilbert goes on a date, and Mary's son Elijah drops by the Blythe homestead. There's a lot going on, and almost nothing ends particularly well. A lot of it seems to involve how everyone is dealing with learning something that could change relationships between people they know, and everyone's reaction…

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Eikakou Eikakou 24 September 2019

Anne (CBC series) season 3, episode 1 - A Secret Which I Desired to Divine review

Hello everyone! Anne with an E is back on CBC in Canada - yesterday was the premiere episode of the third season. (Sorry, I don't know when season 3's going to air on Netflix.)

This is all a welcome distraction for me, considering here in the Great White North, there's an atmosphere of great anxiety for me. But let's not get into that, because there's a nice helping of Anne to enjoy. Yes, Prince Edward Island is stunning gorgeous as it was before, thanks to the wonderful cinematography, and oh, the period costumes! (I especially love the details on the Mi'kmaq clothing.)

(Anyone who lives in Canada and missed yesterday's airing on TV can view it on CBC Gem at this link: Season 3)

As per previous recaps and reviews, spoilers beyond this point. …

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Eikakou Eikakou 22 November 2018

Anne (CBC series) season 2, episode 10 - The Growing Good of the World review

And we have arrived again, at an ending. As promised, a review the last episode of season 2.

Thank goodness the next day was fresh (with all sorts of opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them).

SPOILERS BELOW (and this time, they aren't painful).


Last episode, everyone has a bad day. The running theme between both episodes is empathy - What We Have Been Makes Us What We Are illustrated the consequences of having an insufficient amount of empathy and sensitivity towards others. Anne, for example, was so focused on her own worries (that Miss Stacy didn't like her, that her fox was going to be hurt, that Cole might not appreciate her efforts to have the new teacher help him without any warning) that she acted without considering the…

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Eikakou Eikakou 21 November 2018

Anne (CBC series) season 2, episode 9 - What We Have Been Makes Us What We Are review

Oh, feeling a bit wonky and tired these past two days. But, I'm here with at least one review for the series!

CBC aired episodes 9 and 10 back-to-back, so I'm going to make separate posts. It was probably a good move to air them both, but oh noes, this episode was full of ouch.

SPOILERS AHEAD. (And they were of the painful variety)


Avonlea has a new teacher! She decorates her house with potato stamps, she rides a motorbike, and she wears trousers! And wow, is she loquacious. In fact, she's just like an older version of Anne, it seems. While Anne is absolutely delighted with Miss Stacy and how modern she seems, not everyone seems to agree. The Progressive Mothers of Avonlea (the group run by Mrs. Andrews) are very unimpressed by Miss …

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Eikakou Eikakou 14 November 2018

Anne (CBC series) season 2, episode 8 - Struggling Against the Perception of Facts review

There was a long weekend here (because of Remembrance Day on Sunday) and I overslept. What a week it was.

So there's only a few episodes left in the season - but there's season 3 to look forward to!

As you will perceive, SPOILERS may be chanced upon below.


Struggling Against the Perception of Facts is actually a very good title for the episode. There's issues with Marilla's eyesight, as it was introduced last episode, but also the perception of others. Bigotry is present here, along with a heavy dose of the effects of racism and homophobia.

So, we have a group of our favourite people going to Charlottetown. Marilla is going to get her eyes checked by an oculist, with Rachel keeping her company. It looks like she'll need glasses and a foll…

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Eikakou Eikakou 6 November 2018

Anne (CBC series) season 2, episode 7 - Memory Has as Many Moods as The Temper review

I've kind of had an emotional roller coaster of a day at work. Like, frenetically trying to get stuff done, then too many big shocks, and just... apparently freaking out enough that my supervisor was wondering if I was emotionally okay. (Well, I was freaking out, but usually it doesn't show on the outside like that.) It's just one of those days. O_o

Thank goodness for Anne of Green Gables.



After last week's fuzzy feeling episode, this week returns with a lot more seriousness. Memory Has as Many Moods as The Temper has two big plots running through it - Anne, Diana, and Cole go to Aunt Josephine's lavish party, while Marilla's health takes a bad turn while the kids are away, leaving Matthew to t…

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Eikakou Eikakou 2 November 2018

Anne (CBC series) season 2, episode 6 - I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion review

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween! (I did not, because let's just say I was going through the biological effects of episode 5, season 1, and stayed in bed all night and woke only to hear obnoxious people setting off fireworks.)

But onward to episode 6!



Seems like this was the Christmas episode! So there's a lovely Christmas dinner at Green Gables and everyone in town is preparing the Christmas pantomine. Also, Bash is discovering that winter in Avonlea is terrible because the air is so cold because it wants to kill him and the sun is a lie because it shines but there is no warmth. He wants to stay inside until spring. He finds Mr. Blythe's sweater wonderful though, thank you, Mr. Blythe, he says.


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Eikakou Eikakou 24 October 2018

Anne (CBC series) season 2, episode 5 - The Determining Acts of Her Life review

Okay, I've finally caught up with my reviews (well, at least for the episodes that CBC has aired so far). Phew. I wasn't taking notes, so I keep finding things that I forgot to mention.

It's episode 5 - can you believe that's half-way through the season? I can't. There's so much going on and I can't imagine only 10 episodes worth of stuff to see.



From the books (and the previous series), Anne would not be Anne if she didn't hate her red hair. (I personally think red is a lovely hair colour, but then again, I descend from people that all have dark hair and dark eyes.) Anne explores that it's more that just vanity that upsets Anne when it comes to her appearance, it's the idea that she isn't wanted. Society is very fixate…

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Eikakou Eikakou 24 October 2018

Anne (CBC series) season 2, episode 4 - The Painful Eagerness of Unfed Hope review

I'm definitely playing catch-up, at least with the reviews. I watched the first two episodes online (after the Sunday airings) because of two different family events, and then the next three on television. (I'm hanging my head a little because it seems that nobody watches stuff on TV if they can just watch it on Netflix. Any who...)

SPOILER WARNING right here. Ready? I think I wrote too much, so grab a oar, we're paddling the canoe upstream.


The gold scam is over, but there are still lingering tensions from the grifters affecting our dear friends in Avonlea. It's particularly apparent at the Barry household, as well as Marilla. Gilbert, on the other hand, is about to discover his calling. Maybe.

But first, Anne's first attempt at recr…

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Eikakou Eikakou 23 October 2018

Anne (CBC series) season 2, episode 3 - The True Seeing is Within review

Here we are again!

(Once again, LilyLacreag has covered a lot of great points in her wonderful review, so I'm hoping to keep this shorter. Not that I'm good at that.)

SPOILERS maybe. I think any way. You know how this goes.


First thing, there's very little of Gilbert this episode. Instead, it ties up the gold scam storyline. Thank goodness. Not because it was badly written, but I honestly did not want to see the Avonlea folk getting done in by two evil people.

That being said, Anne is off on an adventure to Charlottetown with the Barrys and to see Aunt Josephine, since Mr. Barry has decided to take out their family's life savings to for the gold testing for any landowner in Avonlea who wanted in, in exchange for a bit of their claim i…

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Eikakou Eikakou 23 October 2018

Anne (CBC series) season 2, episode 2 - Signs are Small Measurable Things, but Interpretations are Illimitable review

Let's keep going, shall we? Am I crazy to try and blitz my reviews? Probably.

Once again, I'll try to keep this shorter (after all, LilyLacreag's done a really great job with her review).

SPOILERS up ahead!


Once again, the series continues to follow two storylines - Gilbert in Trinidad and Anne in Avonlea. It's an interesting perspective the series has chosen, given equal weight both both storylines.

Gilbert chose to leave Avonlea because he felt it was too suffocating, that he didn't belong anymore. That it wasn't really home. And now in Trinidad, his eyes are really opening up to the big wide world. My eyes are opening up to the big wide world to be honest, particularly with how diverse Trinidad was at the time. Bash and Gil's trip …

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Eikakou Eikakou 23 October 2018

Anne (CBC series) season 2, episode 1 - Youth is the Season of Hope review

Hello again, everyone! It took awhile (aka, CBC had to start airing again), but I've been catching up on the new season of Anne with an E (which even CBC has adopted now as the title). I missed out on the premiere because of a family dinner, so I had to watch it later (and then got too lazy to review, my bad). I'm sure many people have already seen it on Netflix (again, CBC, why?), so I'll try to keep my reviews shorter (also, LilyLacreag has already made an excellent review).

That and the fact my browser got frozen earlier and I'm too frustrated to retype everything from memory. ARGGH, it is one of those days.

(Hopefully tomorrow will be fresh and only small mistakes to come.)



As the opening episode of the second season,…

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 25 July 2018

The True Seeing Is Within: A Review

After a short hiatus, I am back with another review. I am busy with my summer job, writing my thesis and my series of unfortunate events continues too! We have some troubles with the internet connection and it takes a long time to load the editor, that’s why it is a bit complicated for me to be around (not to mention other things I use the internet for and cannot do right now...) I managed to watch episodes 203 and 204 last week and here’s my review!

The third episode of this season begins with Anne saying goodbye to Marilla and Matthew as she leaves with the Barrys to Charlottetown – to see aunt Josephine and discuss the gold business with her. Anne also wants to send her letter to Gilbert and believes that aunt Josephine might help her tr…

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 16 July 2018

Signs Are Small Measurable Things, But Interpretations Are Illimitable: A Review

My watching crusade continues and so does my review-writing session. Now let’s take a look at the second episode of Season 2.

The episode starts almost immediately after the events featured in the premiere of the season. Gilbert and Bash land in Trinidad and unload the cargo from the ship. Bash introduces Gil to the Trinidadian cuisine, shows him around a very multicultural port and tells him about his childhood. They encounter a wealthy man who mistakes Sebastian for a slave. The new place and behaviour towards black people confuse Gilbert. The two of them visit a manor where Sebastian’s mom Hazel works as a cook and nanny. Later, they leave the port and discuss their future onboard of the steamer.

Meanwhile, in Avonlea, a new school year s…

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 14 July 2018

Youth Is the Season of Hope: A Review

A year has passed and here we are again – watching new episodes of Anne with an E and writing down our thoughts. Since this season premiered at once on Netflix, I don’t have the luxury of watching week by week, always having 7 days for watching, sorting out my thoughts and then posting my review here on Wiki. I was thinking whether I should write just one review for the whole season or write one for every episode. Since I know only a little of what will happen in the later episodes and my watching experience hasn’t been spoiled yet, I chose the latter option. This way I will cover the series more thoroughly, with a fresh and open mind, not knowing what will happen later. And now… let’s begin!

The season premiere didn’t disappoint me. I didn’t…

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Eikakou Eikakou 8 July 2018

Upcoming Anne (CBC series) season 2

Hello lovely Anne fans!

It's been awhile, so I hope everyone is doing well.

The second season of Anne with an E debuted straight to Netflix on July 6, 2018, so I'm sure some eager fans have already started watching. I'm not sure if it's been released internationally on all Netflix regions, so if you have an account, maybe take a look-see and enjoy more from Anne Shirley and friends if you can.

Unfortunately, I do not have Netflix and won't be able to watch the season until the fall, when it premieres on CBC in September 23, 2018. (So I guess someone else should feel free to write up some reviews, if they so choose - I won't be able to until September is here.)

From what I've read, it seems like it's going to be a good season!

Eikakou (talk) 04:02…

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 26 November 2017

Road to Avonlea: Season 1 – A Review

It’s been quite some time since my last review. I must admit, I was looking forward to writing this one for so long, but then again, it is only my fault that I finally started watching Road to Avonlea 5 years (!) after discovering its existence. I delayed the actual watching, I always had some excuse – it was not available for streaming online, I was not confident enough to watch the episodes without subtitles, I was busy watching other TV series (or school exams) – practically all of them were lame excuses. I finally decided to start watching this October and when I think about it, it was a perfect timing.

I discovered Road to Avonlea in 2012 when I became an editor (and later admin) here at AoGG Wiki. Since then I have learned more about Ann…

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Eikakou Eikakou 2 July 2017

L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew review

Firstly, Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! And here's a spelling bee word: sesquicentennial.

Second, today was the premiere of the last of the L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables films.

So, here's the review!



Fire and Dew is set maybe about a year after The Good Stars and the story of Anne's transition out of childhood. Interestingly, the film begins with Matthew taking a nice long walk, but he's not as physically active as before and needs a cane. Anne is now fourteen years old and the obvious sign of this is a wardrobe change. No more one-piece pinafore dresses - she has to wear a blouse and long skirt (and probably a corset). And she's heading to school for the first time after s…

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Eikakou Eikakou 2 May 2017

Anne (2017) episode 7 - Wherever You Are Is My Home review

And we have reached the season finale of Anne!

Yes, the cinematography was splendid and the acting was top notch and the writing was excellent. And yes, you will want so very badly for another season.

The CBC link is HERE.


Like, huge ones. I recommend watching the episode instead of reading this post first, because whoa, if I was not stunned by everything that happened.


As Wherever You Are Is My Home starts, it's almost Christmas and all the children are preparing for recitals and the like at school. Anne's cutting up snowflakes when Josie tells the other girls some rather disturbing news: the Cuthberts are poor and Anne might be sent back? Anne is so unsettled that she can't possible wait until after school and rushe…

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Eikakou Eikakou 24 April 2017

Anne (2017) episode 6 - Remorse Is the Poison of Life review

It's the penultimate episode of season 1 of Anne this week.

And it feels like a doozy, because a lot of things are happening.

The CBC episode link is HERE.



I think that Remorse Is the Poison of Life is an episode that focuses on grief and regret. More often than not, these emotions are things that people reflect upon in hindsight. It's not something you look ahead and then plan on how you will respond. It's not something that has a specific shape or symptoms. You can't expect everyone to cry or become visible angry or that it'll last a specific amount of time.

The episode starts with Diana rushing desperately to Green Gables in the winter at night to get help. Almost everyone is at Charlottetown to see the premier (of the…

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Eikakou Eikakou 17 April 2017

Anne (2017) episode 5 - Tightly Knotted to a Similar String review

It was Sunday yesterday (and a long weekend for me), which means a great time for another episode of Anne!

Here's the CBC link.


(With 'thees' and 'thous', oh, and I'm not holding any punches whatsoever on menstruation. If that makes you squeamish, better quit reading now. Not kidding.)


One of the things that made me strangely excited about Tightly Knotted to a Similar String was that was directed by Patricia Rozema. Her latest film released was Into the Forest (based on the novel by Jean Hegland), which featured Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood in the lead roles of two sisters who find themselves relying on each other as they navigate a world with none of the contemporary comforts and the forest around them as their best …

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Eikakou Eikakou 10 April 2017

Anne (2017) episode 4 - An Inward Treasure Born review

I just love this series. Tonight - episode four!

And here's the CBC link for the episode here.



So, as we recall last episode, Anne has resolutely decided never to go back to school. An Inward Treasure Born shows that it's... not exactly going too well.

Marilla, Matthew, and Jerry seem to be indulging in Anne's listless behavior - she's not paying attention to her chores and she spends all her time making up fantasies in her head. Marilla goes to Rachel for advice, mostly because she's almost at her wits' end. Rachel tells her to be patient and to let Anne make up her own mind to go back to school - Rachel's confident that Anne will go back, since she's a smart girl. Except Marilla loses her patience when she finds that Ann…

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Eikakou Eikakou 4 April 2017

Anne (2017) episode 3 - But What Is So Headstrong as Youth? review

Onward to episode 3! As expected, it covers Anne's first (and second) days at school, which includes one of my very favourite incidents in the book. (And maybe a bit concerning, because it involves a form of physical violence. Oops.)

My thoughts are on the fuzzy side, because I caught the flu and haven't been feeling so well. =(



But What Is So Headstrong as Youth? focuses on Anne's first and second days at school. Anne is anxious at meeting new friends, making a positive impression, and just thrilled at the idea of being in class and learning. While Matthew and Jerry focus on working on the farm, Marilla gets an invitation to join the Progressive Mothers' Sewing Circle.

If you've ever heard the expression "the nai…

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Eikakou Eikakou 27 March 2017

Anne (2017) episode 2 - I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me review

Since the opportunity presented itself, a review of episode 2 of Anne!

Clearly CBC is very Ontario-centric, because they advertised the Canada: The Story of Us series as starting at 8:00PM (it started at 9:00PM, but maybe that's because I live in British Columbia) and Anne was at 8:00PM. Also, I'm wondering if they realized that Anne did so well that they readjusted their schedule. It's a gem of a series.

(FYI - I'm not sure I can keep up the pace of the reviews; going to try, though. And I'll try to post the CBC link when it comes up, it'll probably be on the website by tomorrow. UPDATE: As seen below in the comments, the link is now up on CBC HERE.)

Also, it looks like it's going to be a 3 hour encore next week, so probably episodes 1 and 2, follow…

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Eikakou Eikakou 21 March 2017

Anne (2017) episode 1 - Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny review

Something nice about living in Canada - I watched the first episode of Anne with an E last night on CBC. So here's a quick review!

(There are probably spoilers here, for everyone who wants to wait for it on Netflix. And my fellow Canadians who didn't watch it last night - it's available online on CBC HERE.)


Now, if I'm not mistaken, Anne is going to cover Anne's first year in school.

Here come the SPOILERS (I think)

Without going into too much detail, Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny covers Anne's arrival at Green Gables (I find it hilarious that every adaptation I've seen so far finds it important that Anne talks about her wonky bag), the failed attempt to return her to orphanage, meeting Diana Barry, and the amethyst brooch incident. There …

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Eikakou Eikakou 21 February 2017

L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables: The Good Stars review

So, exciting news - I managed to watch L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables: The Good Stars yesterday!

Review below and be forewarned - there's spoilers (I don't know what counts for spoilers, so consider this my warning).


The Good Stars picks up after the events of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables (no exact timeframe). Anne is twelve-going-on-thirteen and settled in at Green Gables. Now that she has a form of stability in where she's living and a family in Marilla and Matthew, she's starting to experience growing up.

This takes the form of what Marilla will repeat throughout the film as "being sensible." Anne and her friends are still very much children - Anne complains about geometry being the worst, she's still impulsive, and she's g…

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 2 October 2016

L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables: Review

Friday was my lucky day. By accident I found the 2016 film online - brilliant quality and with Czech dubbing (Czech is one of the languages I understand and even speak) that was made for the Czech broadcast on HBO. Even though I wanted to order the DVD and watch the movie with the original sound, I couldn't resist and had to see it as soon as I could. I still want to order the DVD to hear the original voices, but the dubbing was (surprisingly) not that bad.

When it comes to the movie... almost everything I want to say, is already covered in Eikakou and Susannah's reviews and I feel pretty much the same about it. I particularly liked Botsford's Marilla - I'm not saying she was the perfect Marilla, but I liked the way she portrayed the charac…

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Eikakou Eikakou 20 September 2016

More ''L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables'' films to be released

Who was a fan of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables? Well, some good news - Corus Entertainment has announced the production of two more films, with Ella Ballentine, Sara Botsford, and Martin Sheen returning as Anne, Marilla, and Matthew respectively.

The two films are currently going to be Good Stars (to air next year) and Fire & Dew (expected to air in 2018). Both films are going to be based on the first book, with Good Stars following Anne from the age of 13 and how her relationships with Diana and Gilbert begin to shift, and Fire & Dew covering her time at Charlottetown studying to be a teacher.

Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of Anne in 2017!

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 1 July 2016

Anne: Journey to Green Gables - A Review

You may know that I am the Ebenezer Scrooge kind of person - I think twice before buying things, especially when it comes to DVDs. But yet I decided to order Anne: Journey to Green Gables from the German Amazon. The price was really good, even though the shipping was almost more expensive than the DVD itself. My order arrived only yesterday, but I couldn't wait, I had to watch the film immediately. So... here are my thoughts.

Technical stuff

It is a classic one-disc DVD, with only one language option (English) and apparently without subtitles - at least I couldn't find them anywhere. It is a Region 1 DVD, which means it should only work in the US or Canada (I live in Region 2), but I found out on the Internet that those DVDs can be played on y…

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SusannahWithAnH SusannahWithAnH 14 June 2016

My Review of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables

(Psst: This is kind of a LONG review! Maybe go get something to eat or drink while you read.)

Yesterday, I went to the cinema with my mum and sister and watched L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables, starring Ella Ballentine as Anne. Today, I'm sitting down with a mug of tea and attempting to write a coherent review of the movie. Here goes.

Fun fact: we wanted to go to an earlier (cheaper) session, but it was all booked out, so we had to go to the afternoon session instead. The cinema was nearly full, and consisted of a good range of ages (it was a public holiday), from older couples to parents with children and teenagers (mostly girls). The audience was very responsive and laughed at all the funny parts in the movie. It was lovely vibe, and …

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Eikakou Eikakou 30 May 2016

L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables to air in USA

Hello Anne fans!

It's probably too late, but for any Canadians out there, L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables re-aired on YTV today (May 29, 2016) as part of its Sunday movie lineup. It happens to be on as I'm writing this, but I won't be able to watch the whole thing again, too busy. =(

Better news for any American fans out there - Ella Ballentine has confirmed on her twitter feed that L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables will be airing in the United States; details still pending.

Eikakou (talk) 01:57, May 30, 2016 (UTC)

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Klap Trap Klap Trap 25 May 2016

Polish Names


I can remember that I've read in this wiki a message about Polish Names.

I have listed some Polish Names of Characters and Places. The names come from the Polish Anne of Green Gables Wikia.

I hope this blog can help the wiki :)

Greets, Klap Trap ( D | B ) 15:13, May 25, 2016 (UTC)

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Eikakou Eikakou 3 May 2016

L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables review

It's been a few months since it aired on YTV, but I'm wondering if anyone has seen L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables and would like to discuss it? I did see it and wanted to share some thoughts (and I'll hope you'll forgive me if my memory is off - this was way back in February). Please be warned - there's probably spoilers (I don't know what counts for spoilers, so consider this my warning).


While I'm going to admit I was probably (at least subconsciously) comparing it to the 1985 miniseries, I was watching the movie to see it on its own merits and how it would compare to the events in the book. I'm also going to say that I haven't read Before Green Gables, but I didn't feel like there were many parts in the film that needed the audie…

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ChristineNOTChristina ChristineNOTChristina 23 February 2016


Ok, I have recieved TBAQ and have read up to the end of the fourth short story so far. I love Anne's poems—and I have read "a bit" ahead—"The Aftermath" and following dialogue by Jem and Anne. It's way thicker than I excpected—nearly one-and-a-half inches long (3 and a half centimeters)!! (Now I want the Rilla of Ingleside edited by Benjamin Lefebvre.)

The first "entry" in the book is Walter's "Piper" then the longest story, "Some Fools and a Saint." It's rather freaky. Along the way, there are several "Evening Vignettes" discussing Anne's old poems. The climax for me came when, at the end of the fourth story "The Twins Pretend," Anne and Gilbert eavesdrop on a conversation between two reunited lovers and then think, respectively,

"Isn't that …

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ChristineNOTChristina ChristineNOTChristina 15 February 2016

Here Goes...

Always Anne and Gilbert will be my favorites.

  1. Rilla Ford nee Blythe
  2. Walter Blythe
  3. Una Meredith
  4. Ken Ford
  5. Jem Blythe
  6. Nan Meredith and Di Blythe
  7. Faith Blythe nee Meredith
  8. Shirley Blythe
  9. Carl Meredith
  10. Jerry Meredith
  11. Susan Baker
  12. Persis Ford (Meredith?)
  13. Jims Anderson
  14. Gertrude Grant nee Oliver
  15. .............. There are a lot of people in that book!
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ChristineNOTChristina ChristineNOTChristina 10 February 2016


As the title says, YAY!!! I went down to Maryland last weekend to NorthBay Adventure Camp and it was awesome! But that is not the point... the point is that I went down with money and my mom told me if I could save enough for The Blythes Are Quoted, I could have it!!! And I did it!!!

Also, I was just waching short clips from the Continuing Story of Anne of Green Gables, and I am not impressed. Why did Kevin Sullivan all of a sudden decide to bring WWI into ANNE OF GREEN GABLES??? The movie is NOT true to the book like the others--WWI was in Rilla of Ingleside, nearly 20 years later! The others were much better!

(PS please forgive me. I LOVE exclamation marks!)

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ChristineNOTChristina ChristineNOTChristina 14 January 2016

Hello world

Hello world! My name is Christine--CHRISTINE--and my age is above ten and under twenty. You can call me Christie or Chrissy. My favorite book is LMM's Rilla of Ingleside. I've read

  • Before Green Gables
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Anne of Avonlea
  • Anne of the Island
  • Anne's House of Dreams
  • Anne of Ingleside
  • Rainbow Valley
  • Rilla of Ingleside
  • Chronicles of Avonlea
  • Further Chronicles of Avonlea
  • The Emily Trilogy
  • The Story Girl
  • The Golden Road

And, of course, I'm determined to read The Blythes are Quoted, Anne of Windy Poplars, and the Pat and Jane tales.

My next favorite authors are CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Fitch Perkins............

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 1 January 2016

Plans for 2016


Well, we finally have a new year! I wish you all only the best and may all your dreams come true! Many people make new year's resolutions on this day and I realised that today is a wonderful opportunity to write down my plans for this year.

  • I intend to watch and add the remaining 24 episodes of Kon'nichiwa Anne: Before Green Gables (most likely after the finale of Green Gables Fables).
  • Watch Episodes 3-6 of Anne of Avonlea.
  • Find the remaining cast lists of Anne of Green Gables – The Musical and Anne & Gilbert.
  • Update the book appearances.
  • Finish my research on the Australian radio dramas (didn't have time for that in 2015).
  • Add many new pages.

It's always better to plan less things, I guess. You never know what may show up. I really hope I'll manage …

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