• Awanthi

    My best friend is Anne

    January 1, 2014 by Awanthi

    I met Anne via Anne of Green Gables. That was around 5 years ago. Then she had become a good friend of mine with series of Anne. Now she is like my best friend !

    I could improve the ability of imagination due to Anne. I have produced my own film with whole story and it is always show in my mind. I have a wonderful image in my mind about Avonlea. Eventhough still I'm not a teen anymore, still I like to read Anne at least once a month even I'm busy alot with my Job. That is how I attached with her.

    I have a big dream to visit Avonlea to make feel Anne to bottom of my heart. I'm counting fingers for that and do my best to fulfill that dream.

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  • SusannahWithAnH

    My 'Anne' Story

    December 2, 2012 by SusannahWithAnH

    Since a couple of people are posting their stories of how Anne has inpacted their lives, I thought I'd do the same ...

    I first read Anne of Green Gables (the original edition) when I was around eight or nine or so. I was always a bookworm, but I was at a bit of a loss at what to read at that point. We were at the local library and my mum found two books for me to read: Anne of Green Gables and What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge (that one's still one of my favourites). Since I live in Australia, the edition I borrowed from the library was this one (see picture):

    I didn't just read Anne of Green Gables: I devoured it. And when I was ten I was so infatuated with the series that I bought the first seven books for my birthday (unfortunately the shop did…

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  • Selja

    Best friends with Anne

    November 26, 2012 by Selja

    I've known Anne over 15 years now. I started reading these books at my teens. Books were my mothers old, there is my mother marks and writings in everywhere ("I love Christer!!! 1.9.1967"). I remember how I felt reading Anne of Green Gables first time. It was Christmas and I sat alone at my room listening NKOTB or something as bad.... I fell in love at first sight.

    Now I've read these books about 20-30 times, in finnish and english, I've listened them and I have different editions, old and new. My biggest treasures are first finnish editions from 1920's.

    In this blog I'm going to tell about finnish translations (why it's Anna, not Anne!) and my own thoughts of these wonderful books. I'm also interested nature and culture, there's so much sim…

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  • Hmarie21

    The Beginning of it All

    November 25, 2012 by Hmarie21

    It seems as if almost all of my life, I have had a passion for one particular series: Anne of Green Gables. It's funny, because it's not the type of thing a 17 year old girl would typically be interested in, in this day and age. My grandmother got me interested when I was young, and ever since I have been captivated by it. I started out watching the movies at her house from as early as I can remember. Every time I went to visit her, that was what we would watch!

    Just recently though, I grew an even bigger interest in this delightful series. Just over a year ago, I found a very old copy of the novel, "Anne of Green Gables" in my basement. It was during the summer time, and I had nothing better to do. I had never actually read the novels, so …

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