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Klap Trap Klap Trap 25 May 2016

Polish Names


I can remember that I've read in this wiki a message about Polish Names.

I have listed some Polish Names of Characters and Places. The names come from the Polish Anne of Green Gables Wikia.

I hope this blog can help the wiki :)

Greets, Klap Trap ( D | B ) 15:13, May 25, 2016 (UTC)

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 1 January 2016

Plans for 2016


Well, we finally have a new year! I wish you all only the best and may all your dreams come true! Many people make new year's resolutions on this day and I realised that today is a wonderful opportunity to write down my plans for this year.

  • I intend to watch and add the remaining 24 episodes of Kon'nichiwa Anne: Before Green Gables (most likely after the finale of Green Gables Fables).
  • Watch Episodes 3-6 of Anne of Avonlea.
  • Find the remaining cast lists of Anne of Green Gables – The Musical and Anne & Gilbert.
  • Update the book appearances.
  • Finish my research on the Australian radio dramas (didn't have time for that in 2015).
  • Add many new pages.

It's always better to plan less things, I guess. You never know what may show up. I really hope I'll manage …

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SusannahWithAnH SusannahWithAnH 29 June 2015

100 Years of Anne of the Island

Anne of the Island is the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series, first published in July 1915. It covers four years of Anne's life -- the four years she spends studying at Redmond College, in fact -- and it celebrates its centenary in July! How awesome is that?

So, to celebrate, we at the wiki have decided to hold a celebration, called 100 Years of Anne of the Island. Here's the deal: You edit any article relating to Anne of the Island during the month of July (denoted by this template at the top), and you can earn a fun set of badges and make your way up the user leaderboard! It's going to be lots of fun, but we need your help to make this work.

And, for those of you out there who watch Green Gables Fables ... Season 2 will be based on Anne…

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LilyLacreag LilyLacreag 19 August 2014

Akage no An - My Review and the Summary

Hi everyone!

So... I finished watching Akage no An yesterday and my work is almost done. After two months of watching, writing down the notes, uploading info and editing, it's finally the time to sum up and sort out my thoughts.

My Review

Akage no An is without any doubts a perfect adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. It covers EVERY single moment mentioned in the book - the only thing that wasn't included is Anne's walk through the Haunted Forest. I totally fell in love with that story once again.

The series has enchanting music and flawless drawings. When I started to watch it, I was a little bit afraid as I usually watch films and TV series in my language or in English. But after several episodes I got used to Japanese language and even learnt s…

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SusannahWithAnH SusannahWithAnH 24 June 2013

Researching Book Editions and Covers

Greetings, kindred spirits! My name is Ginny and if you didn't know me before, you know me now. (I'm an admin here.)

One of the many ways you can help out on this wiki is to add more information about editions of books about and related to Anne. This includes uploading book covers (make sure to get the best quality possible and that we don't have it already), info about the various editions – this includes date, country and language of publication, publisher, ISBN, etc. The pages this sort of information is documented on are (but not limited to):

  • Study:Languages
  • Study:Translations
  • Gallery:Anne of Green Gables
  • Gallery:Anne of Avonlea
  • Gallery:Anne of the Island
  • Gallery:Anne of Windy Poplars
  • Gallery:Anne's House of Dreams
  • Gallery:Anne of Ingleside
  • Gall…
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SusannahWithAnH SusannahWithAnH 8 February 2013

Emily of New Moon Wiki

Just to let you know I've started a wiki about the Emily trilogy (Emily of New Moon, Emily Climbs and Emily's Quest) by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It's over at Emily of New Moon Wiki if you want to check it out. A notice though: it is VERY new and currently has barely any content. I have started basing it around this wiki (e.g. the way the main page looks), but of course we can change that if it doesn't suit it. I thought if anybody here has read and/or liked the Emily books in addition to the Anne of Green Gables series, they might like to help out on the wiki. You don't have to if you don't want to, of course, but in case anybody does, the link's up there as well as in the 'Affiliates' section on the main page of this wiki (under 'Links'). Thank…

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SusannahWithAnH SusannahWithAnH 31 January 2013

Wikia Features

Hi, my username's *Ginny* and my real first name's Susannah, but you can call me Ginny ... everybody else here seems to. I'm one of two admins on this wiki. I tend to make bigger changes on this wiki, usually images, templates, page formatting, categories and general mechanics, the behind-the-scenes jobs. This blog post is for everybody to read and reply to if they want to, not just for LilyLacreag.

All right, so my topic is this. There's a section on the Admin Dashboard called Wiki Features; if you're an admin on any wiki at all you'll know what I'm talking about. Wiki Features gives admins the option to customise and basically add new features to this wiki. All of them are completely optional, and I'd love to hear your opinion of them. He…

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SusannahWithAnH SusannahWithAnH 4 January 2013

How Far We've Come: Anne of Green Gables Wiki's 2nd Birthday

Well, this is it: Anne of Green Gables Wiki is finally two years old. Let's see how far we've come by listing some of the highlights of these past two years:

  • 4 January: Anne of Green Gables Wiki is created by a user called LittleMissAwesome.
  • 23 May: I join the wiki.
  • 25 May: I become an admin and bureaucrat on Anne of Green Gables Wiki via an adoption request.
  • 10 December: Anne of Green Gables Wiki joins Facebook.

  • 17 January 2012: Anne of Green Gables Wiki joins Twitter.
  • 23 March: LilyLacreag joins Anne of Green Gables Wiki.
  • 7 July: Anne of Green Gables Wiki reaches 150 articles.
  • 26 July: Anne of Green Gables Wiki reaches 200 articles.
  • 1-31 August: The project Anne of Windy Poplars Month, in which we concentrate on editing articles to do with Anne of Windy Po…

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SusannahWithAnH SusannahWithAnH 2 December 2012

Image Sorting

So, as some of you might know, my username is *Ginny*, and I am the less active (heh) of the two admins on this wiki (the other is LilyLacreag). I generally work on areas such as categories, templates, the online books and images.

Images are a very important part of this wiki, and in order to access them properly it would help if categories were added to them. Such as:

For an image of a book cover:

  • Example: Category:Images of Anne of Green Gables

For an image of a film poster/DVD cover, etc.:

  • Example: Category:Images of Anne of Windy Poplars (film)

For an image of a person/people:

  • Example: Category:Images of Anne Shirley

Add more categories for multiple people, as many as necessary:

  • Examples:
    • Category:Images of Anne Shirley
    • Category:Images of Diana Barry
    • Cat…
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SusannahWithAnH SusannahWithAnH 6 October 2012

Character Article Naming Guidelines - PLEASE READ

This is a rough guide to how character articles should be named, if more than one option is possible.

  • The name of the article should be the name the character is best known by. This means you can use nicknames, as long as they are more well known than the original names.
    • Examples: Use Carl Meredith instead of Thomas Carlyle Meredith and Rilla Blythe instead of Bertha Marilla Blythe. Also use Nan Blythe instead of Anne Blythe, as Nan is hardly ever referred to as Anne.
    • Exceptions: Do not use the name the character is best known by if that name includes a title (such as Miss, Mr, Dr, Mrs, etc.).
      • Example: Use Muriel Stacy instead of Miss Stacy and Teddy Phillips instead of Mr. Phillips.
  • Avoid using titles in article names, unless there is no other option.
    • Example: The…
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