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Billy "BASTRAD" Andrews is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, the brother of Jane and Prissy Andrews, and a student of Avonlea school.


Billy is the brother of Prissy and Jane Andrews.

Physical appearance[]

Billy is quite tall with light brown, almost blonde, hair, and fair skin.


Billy Andrews is cruel to many of the female characters. He chooses Anne Shirley-Cuthbert and Cole Mackenzie as his two primary targets. He typically will make derogatory barking noises towards Anne and constantly remind her that she is orphaned to get a reaction from her. Billy broke Cole's wrist by slamming a board into his ladder, causing him to fall while painting for the winter play. He seems to have tried to befriend Gilbert Blythe, only to be shut down, causing a physical altercation between the boys.


Josie Pye[]

Billy and Josie have been shown to grow closer in the third season, especially at the latter's attempts to solidify an alliance between them. This all comes to a crash when, at the county fair dance, Billy crosses the line with Josie and touches her against her will. He then proceeds to spread rumors that they engaged in something more despite it not being true and destroying Josie's reputation. Following Anne's publication about bodily autonomy and fairness in the school newspaper, Billy visits Josie in an attempt to ask for forgiveness despite being shut down by Josie who wants nothing to do with Billy.

Anne Shirley[]


Billy might be a nickname derived from William, a male given name of Old German origin that means will helmet or protection.

  • Although William was very popular name in 19th century, it has never been confirmed, that Billy's full first name was William and Billy can be merely a nickname. People in Avonlea were conservative and his real name was probably William, because it was a traditional and common name.

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