"Best Laid Plans" is the tenth episode of Season 5 of Road to Avonlea and the 62nd episode overall.


As penance for a careless accident he caused, Hetty orders Davey Keith to perform three good deeds, the first being directed towards Jasper Dale. Davey is the cause of yet another accident in Jasper’s laboratory, but one that helps create a new unbreakable ceramic-like material.


The episode starts with Archie Gillis riding up to the Dale house and being alarmed by a cloud of smoke coming out the door. Jasper comes out of the house and assures him it's not a's just an invention he's working on.

At Rose Cottage, Dora Keith is having a tea party with her dolls when her brother Davey bursts in with a saucepan on his head pretending to be a knight. He accidentally knocks the china Dora's using for the tea party onto the floor and breaks it. Hetty comes in and scolds Davey. She says that since he's so interested in knights, he can do as one of the knights would and make amends for his transgression by doing three good deeds.

Davey decides he'll try to do a good deed at the Dales' house. He comes to help Jasper in his workshop. Jasper is trying to figure out the chemical formula for a new substance he's inventing and doesn't pay attention to Davey. Davey accidentally spills something from a beaker into the mixture Jasper is making, and he can't get Jasper's attention to tell him what happened. Jasper puts the mixture (with Davey's addition) into a mold and heats it. He's delighted to find that the resulting cup-shaped article is unbreakable when dropped!

Jasper and Olivia are very excited about the formula Davey discovered by mistake. They think it would be wonderful for making unbreakable dinnerware like the cup. The only problem is that they don't know about business or marketing. Jasper mentions that his cousin Jeremiah Dale knows all about business and marketing...the Dale family disowned him for being so normal!

Davey still has two more good deeds to do. He tries to help Felix carry bags of coffee beans from the store to his wagon, but he drops one and spills it all over. Felix says that doesn't count as a good deed. He mentions that he does good deeds all the time at the hotel carrying people's bags and such.

Olivia Dale decides to go see Jasper's cousin Jeremiah. When she arrives at his office, she's surprised to find he looks just like Jasper except for a big mustache. Jeremiah says he's delighted to meet Olivia, and he thinks Jasper's invention sounds very marketable. He agrees to come to the Dale house to discuss marketing and patents with Jasper and Olivia.

Back home, Olivia is bubbling over with her secret. Jasper good-naturedly tries to tease it out of her, but she won't tell what it is.

A coach pulls up in Avonlea, and Jeremiah Dale steps out. Archie Gillis thinks it's Jasper. It takes quite a bit of talking for Jeremiah to convince him he's Jasper's cousin!

Jeremiah shows up at the Dale farm, but Jasper won't even speak to him. He said Jeremiah did things to him when they were boys that he can't forgive. Olivia is upset. She apologizes to Jeremiah for Jasper's behavior and asks him to stay in the area in the hope that Jasper will relent.

At the White Sands hotel, Davey tries to do his second good deed by carrying people's bags. Felix chases him out and tells him that since the lady he helped gave him a tip, it doesn't count as a good deed.

Jeremiah comes to the White Sands and runs into Hetty, who thinks he's Jasper at first. He invites her to have tea with him, and she's delighted to find he's nothing like Jasper...he even reads her novels! Olivia shows up, having planned to have a meeting with Jeremiah. To their surprise, Jasper shows up also. He apologizes for having rashly judged his cousin and shakes hands with him. They're going to go into business!

At the Dale house, Jasper, Olivia, Hetty, and Jeremiah confer about the project. Jasper and Olivia say they could convert the cannery into a factory for Jasper's product, which Jeremiah wants to call "Jasperon." Jeremiah says the project needs a cash outlay at the beginning...fifteen thousand dollars. He says he'll contribute seven thousand himself. Jasper and Olivia pledge one thousand and Hetty pledges five hundred.

At the White Sands, Jeremiah makes a phone call to his office in Charlottetown. He wants his assistant to forge a check for seven thousand dollars and send it over...he's a crook! Jeremiah cleverly crafts his half of the conversation so Felix, who's listening, won't know he's a crook. Felix just thinks Jeremiah's looking for investors for a very lucrative business.

Felix spreads the word that Jasper's business is going to boom, and Jeremiah is swamped with people wanting to buy shares in the company. This includes Felix, Simon Tremayne, and Bert Potts, among others.

Olivia is a bit dismayed to find that so many of the Avonlea people own shares in the company already! She asks Jasper exactly what it is that Jeremiah did to him when he was young. Jasper says Jeremiah would impersonate him and get away with bad deeds while Jasper got punished for them. He would also steal things and sell them. This worries Olivia, and she decides to go to Jeremiah's office in Charlottetown to find out more about Jeremiah's other ventures. When she gets there she finds the office in a shambles and no one from Jeremiah's business there...they've all cleared out! Another person that Jeremiah was supposedly helping shows up and is furious at how Jeremiah has swindled them all.

Jeremiah collects a thousand dollars from Jasper. He says he's going to go to Halifax and talk to other possible investors in the company. He says he'll need the formula for the invention to show the investors, and Jasper says he'll bring it to him at the White Sands that evening.

Jasper gets to the White Sands and waits there. Up in Jeremiah's hotel room, Jeremiah is shaving his mustache and practicing a stutter. Now he looks and sounds exactly like Jasper.

Olivia and the disgruntled man that Jeremiah was "helping" come to the hotel. The man nearly strangles Jasper before he's informed that Jasper isn't Jeremiah. Hetty, Olivia, Jasper, and a bunch of hotel workers start looking through the hotel for Jeremiah. They all burst into Jeremiah's room, but he's not there. They rush out, leaving Jasper behind. Jasper starts looking through Jeremiah's things. Then he hears a noise from under the bed...Jeremiah! The two men confront each other. Jeremiah says that he was disowned by the Dales, but he has all the characteristics of a Dale...ingenuity, brains, and the acting skills that will be necessary to help him complete his swindle. Suddenly he rushes at Jasper and throws a blanket over his head. Jasper can't untangle himself quickly enough from the blanket to stop Jeremiah grabbing his coat and running out of the room.

Jeremiah comes downstairs wearing Jasper's coat and holding two bags. He sees Davey hanging around, still trying to do good deeds. Davey offers to take the bags out to the coach, and Jeremiah gives them to him. He prepares to escape out the back door. Several people see him, but since he doesn't have the mustache they think he's Jasper.

Just as Jeremiah's about to go out the kitchen door, the real Jasper, who's gotten himself untangled from the blanket, comes into the kitchen and shouts for him to stop. The two men get into a wrestling match. The constable, Hetty, Olivia, and the man Jeremiah swindled all rush into the kitchen. One of the look-alikes shouts for the constable to arrest the other man...he's Jeremiah! The constable grabs him. But Olivia shouts they've got the wrong man...the other man is Jeremiah! The constable lets go of Jasper and runs after the other man, but he's too late. Jeremiah gets out the door and away. Olivia says she would know the real Jasper anywhere!

Everyone is unhappy that Jeremiah got away with all the money. But Davey comes in and says he's sorry, he wasn't able to get one of the man's bags onto the coach. Lo and behold, in the bag is all the money Jeremiah took from the townspeople of Avonlea! Now the only thing Jeremiah has is the formula. Jasper is unhappy because Jeremiah can get a patent on the formula and make a lot of money.

Jeremiah goes to the patent office with his secretary (a woman in cahoots with him) and is dismayed to learn that someone has taken out a patent on the same sort of unbreakable substance the day before...a man named Leo Baekeland. Jeremiah won't get a penny off the stolen formula.

Olivia and Jasper read about the new patented substance, called "bakelite," in the newspaper. Jasper isn't as disappointed as Olivia expects when he learns that his invention can never be patented. He also tells her he's a lucky man who has something Jeremiah doesn't have...her!


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Paul Brown as Patent Clerk
  • Benedict Campbell as Duncan McBean
  • Marion Gilsenan as Hotel Guest
  • Neil Girvan as Jasper Double
  • Shannon Lawson as Miss Gordon


Olivia Dale: You know, Jasper, you have a pretty unusual family. It must be hard to be an outcast.

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