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This is a list of episodes from the 2009 anime Before Green Gables.

Before Green Gables Episodes
No. Episode Original title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "Red-Haired Anne" 赤毛のアン
"Akage no An"
Ken'ichi Nishida Michiru Shimada April 5, 2009
K 01 AnneMrsMinton Orphaned Anne Shirley has lived with the Thomas family almost all her life. Life is tough, but she has a friend in the Thomas's teenage daughter, Eliza, and discovers the world doesn't work like one thinks it should.
2 "The Name Anne" アンという名前
"An toiu namae"
Jun Takahashi Yasushi Hirano April 12, 2009
K 02 AnneElizaTree Anne loves naming things, like the wind and the laundry basket, but puzzles over what to call her new cat. Eliza often brings books from work to read to Anne, and Anne names the cat Lochinvar, after a line from a poem.
3 "The Little Yellow House" 小さな黄色い家
"Chiisa na kiiroi ie"
Toshiaki Kidokoro Hiroko Naka April 19, 2009
K 03 AnneYellowHouse Anne daydreams about her parents living in a little yellow house. Mr Thomas has acquired a job in town, and Mrs Thomas sends Anne along to keep an eye on him.
4 "The Golden Fountain" 金色の泉
"Kin'iro no izumi"
Ken'ichi Nishida Makoto Nakamura April 26, 2009
K 04 AnneMary Anne's reading lessons have been going well, and Eliza campaigns for Mrs Thomas to send Anne to school. A book of poems by Robert Browning is in the store in town, and Anne desperately wants it.
5 "Eliza's Love" エリーザの恋
"Eriiza no koi"
Yasushi Kushibiki Michiru Shimada May 3, 2009
K 05 AnneEliza Roger Emerson, a wealthy young man who is one of Eliza's sewing customers, has proposed to her. Eliza becomes torn between her love for Anne and Roger, and asks her parents for advice.
6 "The Birth of Hope" 希望は生まれる
"Kibou ha umare ru"
Ken'ichi Nishida Michiru Shimada May 10, 2009
K 06 JoannaAnneChildbirth Eliza has decided to marry Roger, making Anne very upset at being left behind. Mrs Thomas, who is heavily pregnant, goes into labour on the same day as Eliza's departure.
7 "Winter Wind and Roses" 木枯らしとバラの花
"Kogarashi rashito bara no hana"
Jun Takahashi Michiru Shimada May 17, 2009
K 07 AnneMintonGraveyard Mrs Minton has been having back problems and is finding it hard to cope on her own, but she is heavily disliked and everyone is reluctant to help except Anne, who finds her way into Mrs Minton's heart.
8 "Distant Preparation" 遠い調べ
"Tooi shirabe"
Toshiaki Kidokoro Yasushi Hirano May 24, 2009
K 08 AnneBertNoah Mr Thomas has been having trouble at work and is struggling with alcoholism, leading to discord in the Thomas home. Anne has grown close to the newest Thomas child, Noah, and tries to help Mr Thomas.
9 "To Marysville" メアリーズビルへ
"Meariizubiru he"
Yasushi Kushibiki Yasushi Hirano May 31, 2009
K 09 AnneHoraceEdwardLeaving Mr Thomas has lost his job, bringing Mrs Thomas to despair. Mrs Minton pays Mr Thomas a visit and tells him of a railway company vacancy in Marysville, and an old friend of Bertha Shirley's comes asking after Anne.
10 "The Mysterious Egg Man" 不思議なタマゴ売り
"Fushigi na tamago uri"
Yoshinori Odaka Makoto Nakamura June 7, 2009
K 10 AnneEggMan Anne tries her hardest to make the new house in Marysville feel like home, but she ruins Mrs Thomas's vegetable brush in the process. Mrs Thomas sends her to buy eggs and Anne meets the aloof Mysterious Egg Man.
11 "The Winter Sunflower" 冬のひまわり
"Fuyu nohimawari"
Takenori Mihara Makoto Nakamura June 14, 2009
K 11 AnneMelissa Every time Anne goes to buy eggs, the Egg Man teaches her three new words. A new teacher, Miss Henderson, has arrived in Marysville, and she wants Anne to go to school, but Mrs Thomas is very reluctant.
12 "The First Day of School" はじめての学校
"Hajimeteno gakkou"
Ken'ichi Nishida Hiroko Naka June 21, 2009
K 12 AnneGirlsDictionary Anne is excited about her first day of school, and tries her hardest to do well. Unfriendly treatment from children like Mildred and Randolph makes it more complicated than she thought, but Miss Henderson is a fair teacher.
13 "A Friend Named Sadie" サディという友達
"Sadei toiu tomodachi"
Jun Takahashi Michiru Shimada June 28, 2009
K 13 AnneSadie Anne strikes up a friendship with Sadie, who comes from a poor but loving family. Mildred's new brooch goes mysteriously missing, and Mildred and Randolph try to pin the blame on Sadie.
14 "Randolph's Dream" ランドルフの夢
"Randorufu no yume"
Toshiaki Kidokoro Makoto Nakamura July 5, 2009
K 14 AnneRandolph Randolph is struggling in school and is sensitive because Anne can outperform him. His father wants him to be a lawyer, but Randolph wants to pursue his dream of becoming a farmer.
15 "Let's Go on a Picnic!" ピクニックに行こう!
"Pikunikku ni iko u"
Yasushi Kushibiki Michiru Shimada July 12, 2009
K 15 OnTheirWay Anne wants to go to the church picnic and the boys want a tortoise, but Mrs Thomas is struggling just to make ends meet. Mr Thomas tries to make his family happy and announces a picnic to the seaside.
16 "More Books!" もっと書物を!
"Motto shomotsu wo!"
Takenori Mihara Makoto Nakamura July 19, 2009
NoImage Miss Henderson brings her books to school for the children to borrow, but they wish to have a library of their own. Anne takes Miss Henderson to see the Egg Man and ask him for ideas.
17 "Our Stage" 私たちの舞台
"Watashitachi no butai"
Ken'ichi Nishida Michiru Shimada July 26, 2009
NoImage The schoolchildren are putting on a play to raise funds for their library. Some parents in town are upset and manage to get Miss Henderson suspended. However, the students are determined to showcase their play.
18 "Love's Whereabouts" 恋のゆくえ
"Koi noyukue"
Jun Takahashi Michiru Shimada August 2, 2009
NoImage Anne realises that Miss Henderson and Mr Johnson are falling in love. But they are two stubborn people and it takes both of them talking to Anne to set things along a happy path.
19 "Sad Tea Party" 悲しいお茶会
"Kanashi io chakai"
Hideaki Uehara Hiroko Naka August 9, 2009
NoImage Anne is becoming popular in school, eclipsing the jealous Mildred, who throws a tea party, inviting all the girls but Anne. In return, Anne throws a party of her own and learns a valuable lesson about kindness.
20 "Dangerous Trap" 危険な罠
"Kiken na wana"
Yasushi Kushibiki Michiru Shimada August 16, 2009
NoImage Miss Henderson is going back to teach school in her hometown, and she and Mr Johnson are still awkward about their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Mr Thomas is tempted by a co-worker's shady business deal.
21 "The Snow of Farewell" さよならの雪
"Sayonarano yuki"
Takenori Mihara Michiru Shimada August 23, 2009
NoImage Mr Thomas loses his job and is plagued by debt. Anne can no longer attend school, as she needs to help out at home. Miss Henderson and Mr Johnson are leaving and want to take Anne with them, but she is conflicted.
22 "A Wonderful Customer" 素晴らしいお客様
"Subara shiio kyakusama"
Ken'ichi Nishida Makoto Nakamura August 30, 2009
NoImage Anne has not been attending school for two years, but Mildred and Randolph make sure to bring her their lessons. While home alone, Anne helps out a stranger who turns out to be a former pupil of her father's.
23 "A Small Life" 小さな命
"Chiisa na inochi"
Jun Takahashi Hiroko Naka September 6, 2009
NoImage Noah falls ill after getting buried in a snowdrift, and the family joins together to try and save his life. Mrs Thomas wrestles with her conscience and Mr Thomas battles a snowstorm to fetch the doctor.
24 "Magic of Christmas" クリスマスの魔法
"Kurisumasu no mahou"
Toshiaki Kidokoro Michiru Shimada September 13, 2009
NoImage Christmas is coming, and the little house seems happier, if for a short while. Mr Thomas has gained respect in town for his brave journey to save Noah, and both he and Mrs Thomas work to make this Christmas memorable.
25 "Colder than Snow" 雪よりも冷たく
"Yuki yorimo tsumeta ku"
Yasushi Kushibiki Michiru Shimada September 20, 2009
NoImage Mr Thomas has gone out, with the promise that he will not return until he has found a job. But a tragedy rocks the Thomas household that will change their lives forever.
26 "Goodbye, Thomas Family" さようならトーマス家
"Sayonara toomasu ie"
Takenori Mihara Michiru Shimada September 27, 2009
NoImage Anne can no longer stay with the Thomas family, so her fate must be decided. A man called Mr Hammond visits. His pregnant wife has many young children and is looking for someone to help out.
27 "Lonely Anne" ひとりぼっちのアン
"Hitoribocchino an"
Ken'ichi Nishida Michiru Shimada October 4, 2009
NoImage Anne arrives at the Hammonds' house and is overwhelmed by the number of children and amount of work. The days are long, lonely and bleak, but she tries her hardest to stay cheerful and remember happier times.
28 "Studying Alone" ひとりきりの授業
"Hitorikirino lesson"
Jun Takahashi Michiru Shimada
Makoto Nakamura
October 11, 2009
NoImage Anne discovers a box in the house that contains books of Shakespeare and Wordsworth, which she reads in secret. She also makes friends with an echo, Violetta, and the schoolteacher, Mr McDougall.
29 "Miss Haggerty's Secret" ハガティさんの秘密
"Hagatei sanno himitsu"
Toshiaki Kidokoro Hiroko Naka October 18, 2009
NoImage School has started up again, and Anne is allowed to go. But along the way, she meets Miss Haggerty, an elderly midwife. They spend the day together and become good friends.
30 "Memories of the Manor's Breeze" そよ風荘の思い出
"Soyo kaze sou no omoide"
Yasushi Kushibiki Michiru Shimada October 25, 2009
NoImage Mr Hammond has been having heart problems. Anne's night-time reading is discovered by Mrs Hammond. The appearance of the packed-away items reminds both Mr and Mrs Hammond of happier times.
31 "Just a Single Hope" ただひとつの希望
"Tadahitotsuno kibou"
Aisu Mugino Hiroko Naka November 1, 2009
NoImage Mr Hammond's bad heart has given out, and the Hammond children are being parcelled out among family and neighbours. Anne is forced to face her worst fear: that she might be sent to an orphan asylum.
32 "The Worst Beginning" 最悪の始まり
"Saiaku no hajimari"
Ken'ichi Nishida Michiru Shimada November 8, 2009
NoImage Anne's first days at the Hopetown orphan asylum are grim and lonely. Her few possessions are taken away, and the other children are unkind towards her, leading to her getting in trouble for something she did not do.
33 "One Dreadful Night" 恐ろしい一夜
"Osoro shii ichiya"
Jun Takahashi Michiru Shimada November 15, 2009
NoImage As punishment, Anne is exiled to a small room that is rumoured to be haunted. However, Miss Kale finds proof of her innocence and Tessa, though weak-willed, tries to help.
34 "To a Distant Town" 遠い町へ
"Tooi machi he"
Toshiaki Kidokoro Michiru Shimada November 22, 2009
NoImage Anne and Tessa stow away on a wagon headed for another town. But the outside world is scary, and Tessa gets cold feet. Also, Anne learns the reason why Tessa is always crying.
35 "Tessa's Tears" テッサの涙
"Tessa no namida"
Yasushi Kushibiki Michiru Shimada November 29, 2009
NoImage An infant arrives at the asylum, and Miss Kale enlists Anne's help in taking care of it. Tessa, sick of being treated like a baby, assists Anne and gradually becomes more responsible and kind.
36 "A Letter of Hope" 希望の手紙
"Kibou no tegami"
Toshiaki Kidokoro Michiru Shimada December 6, 2009
NoImage A letter from a Mrs Spencer of Prince Edward Island arrives, advising of her visit and requesting two girls: one for herself (Lily Jones) and one for friends of hers. Rumour has it that either Edna or Anne will be chosen.
37 "Held by Sunflowers" ひだまりに抱かれて
"Hidamarini daka rete"
Ken'ichi Nishida Michiru Shimada December 13, 2009
NoImage Edna emotionally manipulates Anne into thinking Edna is the more deserving candidate for the spot, but Anne finds out and they fight. Miss Carlyle devises an unusual punishment to force the girls to get along.
38 "The Morning When the Flowers Blossom" 花咲ける朝に
"Hanasaki keru asa ni"
Jun Takahashi Michiru Shimada December 20, 2009
NoImage Both Edna and Anne are sure they will not go to Prince Edward Island, because of what they have done, but Miss Carlyle has other ideas. She and Anne have a long talk, and Anne discovers another side to her.
39 "To Prince Edward Island" プリンス・エドワード島へ
"Purinsu . edowaado shima he"
Toshiaki Kidokoro Michiru Shimada December 27, 2009
NoImage Anne's dream is coming true: she is going to Prince Edward Island! Her last days in Nova Scotia are full of goodbyes and well-wishes, including letters and news from people she has not seen in a long time.

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