Avonlea school is a village school located in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island.


Physical appearanceEdit

It is a white building with two classrooms. The first room is for the younger kids, while the second and bigger one is for the older students. There is also a supply room where one of the teachers, Mr. Phillips, used to take a nap during the recces.

The classroom for the older students has a total of twelve desks – six on each side of the room, separated by the aisle. From the teacher's point of view, girls sit on the right hand side, while the place for boys is on the left. Two students usually share one desk.

There is a small parlor near the entrance where the children leave their coats and hats. Opposite the door, there is a blackboard.

Next to the building, there is a small creek where the students leave their bottles of milk to keep it cool and fresh. There is also a playground where the boys prefer to be during the lunch break, however, the girls usually stay inside in their lunch fort.



Behind the scenesEdit


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