"Aunt Hetty's Ordeal" is the third episode of Season 2 of Road to Avonlea and the 16th episode overall.


When former Avonlea school teacher Miss Muriel Stacey is named Provincial Superintendent of Schools, Hetty King is hard pressed to curb her jealousy. Hetty attempts to compete with Muriel's teaching achievements by recruiting Gus Pike as a student for the Avonlea schoolhouse.



Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


  • Joel Keller as Pincher
  • Charles Kerr as Lt. Governor
  • Sean Roberge as Cannery Boy


Hetty King: She's far too weasely to say it, but there it is, between the lines, as plain as day!

Hetty: Far be it from me, ladies, to toot my own horn.

Hetty: The devil's in most people. Not me, mind you, but most.

Gus Pike: I figure I can learn readin' by morning and writin' by quittin' time.

Hetty: Rome wasn't built in a day, to be sure.

Hetty: I'm calm as a cucumber.

Clara Potts: Hetty King, you're looking rather green around the gills. Perhaps you should try a tonic. Muriel Stacy recommends tonics very highly.
Hetty: Hmph! Wouldn't touch it. Tonics are for weak-livered souls.

Muriel Stacy: Filling the shoes of Miss King is no easy task, believe me.

Felix King: You're really strange, Gus. I want to get rid of my family.

Gus: There's plenty to learn about fish. About anything, if you've got the hunger!

Gus: I come because I wanna say somethin' to my teacher, Miss King. You're the first one who tried to help me, Miss King. You got me to go to school. You learned me how to chew ten times so I don't burp. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't know nothin' about learnin' an' education. I may wreck the King's English, so I'll say me thanks the only way I know.

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