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Arthur Pettibone is the son of Clive and Jessica Pettibone, the stepson of Muriel Pettibone, and the older brother of Morgan and Izzy.


Arthur is a veterinarian.


Arthur takes after his mother, and doesn't share his father's love for living life by a rule book. He believes in making his own rules.

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  • The 2012 version of the official Road to Avonlea website described him thus: Arthur Pettibone is the eldest child to Clive and Jessica Pettibone, and has two younger siblings, Morgan and Izzy. His father was part of the Canadian Army and served overseas for most of their childhood, leaving their mother with most of the responsibilities of raising the 3 children. After the passing of their mother, he became angry at his father, and he blamed him for not being at her side when she needed him most. Arthur had a fiery temper, much like his mother, and he would scold his father for his strict authoritarian views on raising children. Arthur decided he wanted to be a veterinarian, and studied the practice in Toronto. He returned in 1907 and the old rivalry between he and his father once again erupted. In the midst of this, the King family dog, Digger was accidentally shot. Arthur was able to perform emergency surgery and managed to save the dog’s life. Once Arthur graduated, he came back to Avonlea to seek an apprenticeship with a practicing veterinarian. It was during this time that Arthur began to have feelings for the King’s eldest daughter Felicity. Having saved the King family pigs, Felicity was taken with him as well, but in the end Felicity stayed with Gus Pike.[1]


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