A number of events occurred during Anne of The Island. Anne feels extremely anguished as she knows Gilbert means to propose and the two have awkward moments together. Anne leaves for Redmond and is overseen by her friend Priscilla Grant. She also meets Phillippa Gorddon (or Phil for short) in a graveyard. Anne and Priscilla board at first near this particular graveyard, but soon move to Patty's Place. Anne continues to decline proposals and has ever more increasingly awquard moments with Gilbert. Most in her neighbourhood loved her and when she came of age she was the subject of many proposals. Gilbert got there first and meant to propose but before he could Anne ran back home feeling exasperated at Gilbert for him trying to be sentimental, although in reality she was exasperated at herself because she hadn't allowed him to say the proposal. Then Billy Andrews proposes - or rather, his sister does. Charlie Sloane also proposed and was rejected. Anne was proposed to once more by Sam. She dates a creation Royal Gardener whom she imagines to be in love with. Gilbert also dates Christine Stuart. Anne attempts to convince herself that she simply feels that Christine is not a suitable partner for Gilbert although really her face burns and her fingers are unable to unlock a clasp when she hears Christine is engaged to Gilbert because she loves Gilbert deeply. She continued as schoolteacher and helps Janet Sweet marry John Douglas. Whilst during this she declines the proposal of an acquaintance, Sam. Anne, when coming home from Redmond, is blurted out to by Davy that Gilbert, her love, is dying of Typhoid. Anne mourns by her window all night. She read her book of revelation by her window and was told by Pacifique, the hired boy of Gilbert's uncle, that Gilbert was on the road to recovery and cried in joy and relief. She was afraid Gilbert did not love her any more but he still did and the two fiancée talked things over in Hester Grey's garden. Gilbert explained that Christine was engaged already and that she knew of his knowledge of this. Gilbert told her regretfully it would take three years until their marriage could take place, and added that then there would be no sun bursts or marble halls. Anne famously replied: 'I don't want sun bursts or marble halls. I just want you.'

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