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Anne of the Island is the third book in the eight-book Anne of Green Gables series by L. M. Montgomery, about Anne Shirley and her friends. In this book, Anne leaves Green Gables for the first time to go to Redmond College and obtain a B.A. At the start of the book, Anne is 18, and at the end she is 22.



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New adventures lie ahead as Anne Shirley packs her bags, waves goodbye to childhood, and heads for Redmond College. With her old friend Prissy Grant waiting in the bustling city of Kingsport, and her frivolous new friend Philippa Gordon by her side, Anne tucks away her memories of rural Avonlea and discovers life on her own terms, filled with surprises... including a marriage proposal from the worst fellow imaginable, the sale of her very first story, and a tragedy that teaches her a painful lesson. But tears turn to laughter when Anne and her friends move move into an old cottage and an ornery black cat steals her heart. Little does Anne know that handsome Gilbert Blythe wants to win her heart, too. Suddenly Anne must decide whether she's ready for love. (from the 1998 Bantam Books reissue)


Chapter 1: The Shadow of Change[]

Summer is over and Diana and Anne have been picking apples in the Green Gables orchard, but stop to have a rest and talk. Many changes have happened or will happen. Stephen Irving and Lavendar Lewis have been married for a week, though it seems longer. Mrs Rachel Lynde is preparing to move into Green Gables after the death of her husband. Diana is engaged, of course, and Anne, Gilbert and Charlie are getting ready to leave for Redmond College in Nova Scotia. Anne retrieves a letter from the post office and discovers that a friend from Queen's Academy, Priscilla Grant, will also be there. On the way home, Anne meets Gilbert, but feels uncomfortable when she senses something that may mar their friendship in his behaviour. At home, Davy confides in her (he is put out after missing seeing Dora falling down the stairs and skinning her nose). Davy is heedless and Anne careless, but she sends him to bed, and she herself goes to Victoria Island to daydream.

Chapter 2: Garlands of Autumn[]

The last week speeds by quickly. The A.V.I.S. gives a farewell party in honour of Anne and Gilbert, which is held at Josie Pye's home. As founders of the Society, Anne is presented with a volume of Shakespeare's plays, and Gilbert with a fountain pen. Gilbert says something sentimental to Anne, and Anne snubs him by walking home with Charlie Sloane.

"She found, however, that revenge hurts nobody quite so much as the one who tries to inflict it."
—Anne's regrets

Gilbert 'airily' walks Ruby Gillis home, to Anne's discomfort. However, he drops by Green Gables the next evening and cheers up Anne, who is feeling a little down about leaving Prince Edward Island, by taking her for a walk. Marilla and Mrs Lynde are watching from the kitchen window, and Mrs Lynde speculates that Anne and Gilbert will 'be a match some day', though Marilla is less forthcoming, and says only, 'They're still children yet.'

Gilbert, meanwhile, takes Anne through the Haunted Wood to a single apple tree by a marsh. They have a companionable time there, and Anne declares of the apples: 'The fatal apple of Eden couldn't have had a rarer flavour.' The two of them discuss lightly Anne's plans for the future, and as they are walking home, Gilbert watches Anne and thinks, 'I wonder if I can ever make her care for me.'

Chapter 3: Greeting and Farewell[]

Chapter 4: April's Lady[]

Chapter 5: Letters From Home[]

Chapter 6: In the Park[]

Chapter 7: Home Again[]

Chapter 8: Anne's First Proposal[]

In this chapter Jane Andrews proposes to Anne for her brother Billy.

Chapter 9: An Unwelcome Lover and a Welcome Friend[]

Charlie Sloane proposes to Anne. Stella is coming to Redmond.

Chapter 10: Patty's Place[]

Chapter 11: The Round of Life[]

Chapter 12: "Averil's Atonement"[]

Chapter 13: The Way of Transgressors[]

Chapter 14: The Summons[]

Chapter 15: A Dream Turned Upside Down[]

Chapter 16: Adjusted Relationships[]

Chapter 17: A Letter From Davy[]

Chapter 18: Miss Josephine Remembers the Anne-Girl[]

Miss Josephine dies and leaves Anne 1000 dollars

Chapter 19: An Interlude[]

Chapter 20: Gilbert Speaks[]

Gilbert proposes to Anne

Chapter 21: Roses of Yesterday[]

Anne goes to Boilingbroke with Phil and visits her parents house. She finds letters.

Chapter 22: Spring and Anne Return to Green Gables[]

Chapter 23: Paul Cannot Find the Rock People[]

Chapter 24: Enter Jonas[]

Chapter 25: Enter Prince Charming[]

Chapter 26: Enter Christine[]

Chapter 27: Mutual Confidences[]

Chapter 28: A June Evening[]

Chapter 29: Diana's Wedding[]

Chapter 30: Mrs. Skinner's Romance[]

Chapter 31: Anne to Philippa[]

Chapter 32: Tea With Mrs. Douglas[]

Chapter 33: "He Just Kept Coming and Coming"[]

Chapter 34: John Douglas Speaks at Last[]

Chapter 35: The Last Redmond Year Opens[]

Chapter 36: The Gardners' Call[]

Chapter 37: Full-Fledged B.A's[]

Chapter 38: False Dawn[]

Roy Gardner proposes to Anne. Anne realizes that she doesn't love him enough to marry him.

Chapter 39: Deals With Weddings[]

Chapter 40: A Book of Revelation[]

Anne gets back from echo lodge and Davy tells Anne that Gilbert Blythe is dying. Anne asked if it was true and Mrs. Lynde told her Gilbert was very ill with typhoid fever and said it was vey bad. Anne went to her room and read her book of revelation realizing that she loved Gilbert and Gilbert loved her, not Christine. In the morning she asked Pacifique Buote how Gilbert was and found out he was safe.

Chapter 41: Love Takes Up the Glass of Time[]

Gilbert, after recovering from his illness proposes to Anne a second time following the advice of Phil Blake (neé Gordon). This time Anne accepts and after discussing things they walk off "crowned king and queen of the bridal realm of love."


This setting of the book is in the mid-1880s. It starts in August 1883 and ends in summer 1887.


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Television series

Radio dramas

  • Anne of the Island (1979), a Polish radio drama, originally produced and broadcast in 1979. It was directed by Maria Wachowiak and starred Anna Romantowska as Anne.

Television films and miniseries



  • Anne & Gilbert (since 2005), a stage production that has been playing since 2005. Its first act is based on Anne of Avonlea, while the second part is based on Anne of the Island. It follows very closely to the books, with only a few minor changes.

Audio dramas

  • Anne of the Island (2009), a German audio drama produced by Titania Medien, adapted into four parts and starred Marie Bierstedt as Anne.


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  • Lucy Maud Montgomery's original title for this book was Anne of Redmond, but her publisher changed it to Anne of the Island.[1]

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