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"My own title was Anne of Windy Willows. But Stokes [my American publisher] thought this title too reminiscent of Kenneth Grahame's fairy animal story The Wind in the Willows ... I thought this very far-fetched but suggested "Poplars" in place of "Willows". But Harrap [my British publisher] scouted the idea and insisted on retaining "Willows". Mr. Harrap said the English people knew very little about poplars and all about willows!!"
L. M. Montgomery in My Dear Mr. M.: Letters to G.B. MacMillan from L.M. Montgomery

Anne of Windy Poplars is the fourth book in the Anne of Green Gables series by L. M. Montgomery. In this book, 22-year-old Anne Shirley has left college to serve as principal of Summerside High School and settles down in Windy Poplars.


"To the Friends of Anne Everywhere"[1]


Anne Shirley has left Redmond College behind to begin a new job and a new chapter of her life away from Green Gables. Now she faces a new challenge - the Pringles. They're known as the royal family of Summerside - and they quickly let Anne know she is not the person they wanted as principal of Summerside High School.

But as she settles into the cosy tower room at Windy Poplars, Anne finds she has great allies in the widows Aunt Kate and Aunt Chatty - and in their irrepressible housekeeper, Rebecca Dew. As Anne learns Summerside's strangest secrets, winning the support of the prickly Pringles is only the first of her delicious triumphs. (from the 1998 Bantam Books reissue)



This setting of the book is at the end of the 1880s. It starts on September 11, 1887, and ends on June 27, 1890.


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Television films and miniseries

Audio dramas

  • Anne of Windy Poplars (2009), a German audio drama produced by Titania Medien, adapted into four parts and starring Marie Bierstedt as Anne.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The book is divided into three parts, one for each year. However, there are no chapter names. There are 17 chapters in the first part, 13 chapters in the second part, and 14 chapters in the last part.
  • Montgomery's original title for the book was Anne of Windy Willows, but her US publisher requested that she change the title because of the title's similarities to The Wind in the Willows. Additionally, her publisher requested some cuts to the book, mainly for perceived gory or terrifying content. Montgomery complied, and the edited novel was published in the United States and Canada as Anne of Windy Poplars. Her UK publisher, however, did not see the need for the edits and published the unabridged version under the original title, Anne of Windy Willows.[2][3] The differences can read and compare here, on this site, or here, in a downloadable PDF. The book was also published in Australia as Anne of Windy Willows.
  • A number of the stories in Anne of Windy Poplars were published (in an edited format) in the magazine The Family Herald and Weekly Star, in order to promote the book. PDFs are linked below.

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