Hi, and welcome to our Projects page! On Anne of Green Gables Wiki, we encourage editors to contribute as much as they can, and projects are one incentive.

Projects are category-based systems to encourage people to edit specific sets of pages, such as characters or images. They often come with a badge scheme and are a great way to work together with other editors on articles and areas of this wiki that need cleaning up.

Anybody can create a project – you don't have to be an admin. Just create a project page telling us what your project is about, post about it in Kindred Spirits and encourage other users to join! It's a good idea to add a 'Participants' section to your project page so that other people can express their interest.

There are two kinds of projects on this wiki. Temporary projects are projects that are only on for a set period of time, such as a month. Permanent projects are – you guessed it – projects that you can work on at any time, because they are always there.

Temporary projectsEdit

Permanent projectsEdit

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