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This is the soundtrack for the 2000 television film Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story. It consists of 60 tracks and has been released to CD.


Fans of all ages will cherish this collection from the original soundtrack of Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story. Composer Peter Breiner's moving score will take you back to Prince Edward Island and along with Anne as she embarks on an epic journey in search of her true kindred spirit.

Track listing[]

  1. Main Theme
  2. Anne & Diana Together Again
  3. Anne Travels Through P. E. I.
  4. First Sight of Green Gables
  5. Green Gables Broken Down
  6. Diana Prepares Anne's Wedding
  7. Anne's Past
  8. Anne Wants Green Gables Back
  9. Anne and Gil Decide to Marry
  10. Anne Loves Gil Wickedly
  11. Anne and Gil Leave for N. Y.
  12. Anne Enters Winfield Publicity
  13. Anne Meets Jack
  14. Anne Approaches Jack's Room
  15. Jack Revels His Admiration
  16. Jack Is in Love
  17. Anne Tries to Leave
  18. Jack Climbs Wall
  19. Kit's Party
  20. Jack Criticizes Anne
  21. Anne Trips Up
  22. Gilbert Supports Anne
  23. Let's Go Back
  24. Gil & Anne Return to P. E. I.
  25. Gilbert Buys Green Gables
  26. All the Old Memories
  27. This Is My House
  28. Anne & Gil
  29. Call to War
  30. Diana & Gil React to War
  31. Anne Says Goodbye at the Train Station
  32. Anne's Teacher Assignment
  33. Anne Decides to Leave
  34. Anne Loses Gil at Field Hospital
  35. Disaster at Ban-le-Duc
  36. Jack In Danger
  37. Anne Promises Jack
  38. Anne Finds a Clue
  39. Maude Makes Arrangements with Anne
  40. Jack Implores Anne
  41. Jack Reveals His Plan
  42. Anne Won't Give Up Gil
  43. Anne Finds Gil's Dog Tags
  44. Anne Hides Dominic
  45. Anne Is Being Followed
  46. Anne Is Lost in the War Zone
  47. Jack Finds Dominic
  48. Kit Garrison's Chateau
  49. Jack & Anne Search for Gil
  50. Anne & Jack Storm the German City
  51. Jack's Armistice Plea
  52. Anne Reunited With Gil
  53. Anne Confesses to Jack
  54. Anne & Jack Say Goodbye
  55. Jack Is Killed
  56. Anne & Gil Search for Dominic
  57. Anne Goes to Station
  58. Dominic
  59. Anne & Diana Return
  60. Anne & Gil Give Up Green Gables

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