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Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series, later rebranded as Anne: The Animated Series, is an animated television show produced by Sullivan Entertainment and created by Kevin Sullivan.


Anne of Green Gables the award-winning series presents 26 entertaining and educational episodes. By watching this series, you are able to follow Anne as her out of control imagination leads her through many different adventures, which demonstrate important lessons in loyalty, resolving conflict and problem-solving. So why not join Anne and her friends in both difficult times and lots of laughter in this animated, family friendly version of Anne of Green Gables that you are sure to enjoy.[1]


The opening sequence of the series begins at the orphanage. The next day, Anne decided to pack her stuff up, and starts to run out of the orphanage. As she rans faster, and faster, and then she lifts herself off the ground, and magically began to fly. Anne flies through the fields, and off of the cliff. She was very happy, that she is 50 feet up high. She holds her hat on her head, as flies up into the sky.

Theme song[]

This song is the introduction to every episode and is sung by Bryn McAuley.

Once upon an orphanage
My life was a near tragic state
I longed to find a brighter place
Somewhere full of love and grace

I dream of fields with a cool ocean breeze
A home for my own family
When I got my wish I pinched myself
To make sure this home was real

They sent for a boy but then I was a girl
My dreaming had just let me down again
If I came as a queen with long ebony hair
Then maybe they'd feel I was worth it for them

I'm a good worker in spite of my talking
I've longed to belong here for all of my life
Don't send me away without seeing what I see
Everything I touch is full of delight

I'll do my best to not let you down
I can imagine a world full of joy
Just give me your hand and I'll teach you to hope
You'll find that I have something worthwhile

Just let me stay here and I'll love you forever
I promise a life full of smiles

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There have been four novelisations of Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series published.[2]

  1. Anne's New Home, by Kevin Sullivan and Elizabeth Morgan
  2. Anne's Red Hair, by Kevin Sullivan and Leslie Goldman
  3. Anne's Babysitting Blues, by Leslie Goldman and based on "Babysitter Blues"
  4. Anne and the Bully, by Leslie Goldman and based on "A Bully by the Horns"

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