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Anne of Avonlea is a 1975 six part mini-series created by the BBC. It was directed by Joan Craft and stars Kim Braden as Anne Shirley. It is based on Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery.


This 1975 BBC television adaptation of L.M. Montgomery's beloved novel follows a maturing Anne Shirley (Kim Braden) on her journey from freckle-faced girl to beautiful woman. While working as a schoolteacher, Anne continues to pursue her dream of becoming a published writer by winning a baking soda company's essay contest; fends off several suitors; and returns to Avonlea whenever she can to visit her adoptive mother, Marilla (Barbara Hamilton).[1]


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Costumes: Joyce Rixon Macken
Designer: Antony Thorpe
Director: Joan Craft
Film Cameraman: Phil Meheux
Film Editor: Alastair MacKay
Film Sound: Stan Nightingale
Makeup: Christine Beveridge
Music Arranged by: Ed Welch
Music Played by: Jim Hughes
Producer: John McRae
Script Editor: Alistair Bell
Studio Lighting: Peter Catlett
Studio Sound: Alan Fogg
Writer: Elaine Morgan

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