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Anne Shirley is the daughter of the late Walter and Bertha Shirley, the adoptive daughter of Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, the best friend of Diana Barry and the girlfriend of Gilbert Blythe.


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"I like your hair! I mean... this belongs on Pinterest!"
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  • Anne's original description on the official website was: Talkative. Feisty. Charming. Anne is fostered by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. They initially were unhappy with Anne's arrival because they had requested a boy, but Anne's endless chatter and her gorgeous charm wins them over. Anne documents her various dreams and dramas as she goes to Avonlea High through vlogging, as a part of her New Year's resolutions to make every day an adventure. All the while, she tries to maintain her close friendship with Diana Barry--her found-on-the-Internet best friend who lives over an hour away--balance schoolwork and chores, and not lose her temper towards a certain someone who irks her something terrible.


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  • "Hello Anne" (mentioned only)

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