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Anne Shirley-Cuthbert is the orphaned daughter of Walter and Bertha Shirley, and the adoptive daughter of Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert.


Orphanage Edit

Anne was sent to an orphanage in Nova Scotia after both her parents died at an early age. Anne has no memory of her biological parents Walter and Bertha. Before coming to Avonlea, Anne was constantly in and out of the orphanage. She was typically made to work as a nanny and cleaner for the people who adopted her. Despite her hard work, Anne could never gain the love of these families; all of them sent her back to the orphanage. The cruelty Anne endured at the hands of her foster families and those in the orphanage, left her traumatised. Throughout the series, Anne has flashbacks of her troubled childhood. She rarely speaks about her life before Avonlea. 

Time in Avonlea Edit

The Cuthbert siblings wanted an orphan boy to help Matthew with the farm work, as the two were getting older. Though, much to his surprise, Matthew found no boy when he went to the train station; there was only Anne. Little by little, however, Anne wins over the hearts of both Marilla and Matthew, and they therefore decide to adopt her.

Physical appearanceEdit

Anne's most defining physical attribute is her bright red hair, which she styles in two braids most of the time . Anne hates the uncommon colour of her hair because she gets teased about it. On several occasions, Anne has attributed her fiery temper to being a redhead.

Anne is also characterised by her fair complexion and face full of freckles. She is lanky as a child and refers to herself as being unattractively skinny. Marilla misconstrues Anne's constant fixation with her hair as vanity, but in reality Anne is extremely self-conscious about her appearance.


Anne's heart is a gold heart. Throughout the series Anne is constantly trying to gain the approval of her adoptive parents, her classmates and the townspeople of Avonlea. Despite her desire to please, Anne has a great deal of personal integrity and this unadulterated honesty can often gets her into trouble.

Anne is passionate about life and has the gift of seeing beauty in the most mundane things. Her imagination is boundless and openly displayed by her creative tales and later by her writing. Anne is also an avid reader. Her vocabulary is well above that of her peers and this, as well as her skill in other academics, is a point of pride for her.

Yet, for all of her skills and accomplishments, Anne harbours deep insecurities as a result of her early upbringing. The instability of her life in the orphanage and being passed around from home to home has made her terrified of rejection. Regardless of her less than ideal beginnings, Anne is an optimist.

As a child, Anne passes judgment easily and is reluctant to change her mind once she has made a decision. Anne loves and hates with equal intensity. She believes both her friendship with Diana Barry and rivalry with Gilbert Blythe will last a lifetime.


Matthew CuthbertEdit

Anne's adoptive father. Matthew took a liking to Anne almost immediately after listening to her constant chatter on the way home from the train station. They have a very wholesome relationship, only temporarily soured when Anne tried to become "an agent of romance" for Matthew by answering the unanswered letters a woman from his past sent to him. Not prone to anger, Matthew is only disappointed in Anne and forgives her not long after. Matthew is proud of Anne and her achievements.

Marilla CuthbertEdit

Anne's adoptive mother. When Matthew first brought Anne home from the train station Marilla wanted to send her back to the orphanage. Eventually Marilla grows to love Anne. Due to Marilla's traditionalist nature, in contrast to Anne's wild imagination, the two don't always see eye to eye. Though, as time goes on the two start loving each other like mother and daughter.

Diana BarryEdit

A kindred spirit of Anne as well as her bosom friend. Anne has an abundance of imagination and Diana is more down to earth, but they always take pleasure in each other's company.

Gilbert BlytheEdit

Anne was told to stay away from Gilbert when first arriving in Avonlea because Ruby had "dibs on Gilbert". Clueless to the situation, Gilbert wonders why Anne is ignoring him and makes the mistake of pulling her hair and calling her Carrots. After that, he is Anne's sworn enemy and they begin an academic rivalry. At the end of season one, they call a truce and start to become friends. Throughout the second season, their friendship grows and they have a mutual respect for each other. Their relationship has a few bumps along the way, as can be seen when Anne grows jealous of Gilbert getting ahead of her academically. At the end of season two, Cole drops a comment to Anne about Gilbert having a crush on her, which also had been hinted at by Diana earlier, but Anne denies it. In season 3 Anne and Gilbert both have feelings for each other but due to a misunderstanding Gilbert thinks Anne doesn't have romantic feelings for him. Gilbert finally learns of Anne's true feelings and visits her at Queens. They admit their true feelings for each other and kiss...

Ruby GillisEdit

At first, Ruby Gillis is one of the girls that are cruel to Anne when she first arrives at Avonlea. Later, however, when Ruby Gillis' house burns down, Anne is seen stopping the fire heroically by closing all of the doors and windows in an effort to stop the fire from spreading and getting bigger. Ruby ends up having to stay at Anne's house for a while until her house is fixed. During this time, Ruby befriends Anne. She later ends up joining the Story Club along with Anne Shirley-Cuthbert and Diana Barry.

Josephine BarryEdit

Anne has respect for Mrs. Barry, she sees her as a role model, she and Anne strike up a good friendship where Josephine gives her advice on life and helps Anne accept who she is.

Cole MackenzieEdit

She and Cole quickly become friends upon seeing Cole bullied like her, Anne and Diana accept Cole at a book club. When Cole leaves school, Anne tries to help him but makes things worse. In the end, they became friends and Cole decided to move in with Ms. Josephine.


Anne meets Ka'kwet, a young indian girl from a nearby Mik'maq village, at the beginning of season 3, and the two rapidly develop a friendship. Ka'kwet teaches Anne about her culture, and gives her the name of "Melkita'ulamun", meaning a strong and brave heart. When Ka'kwet is imprisoned at a cruel boarding school against her parent's will, Anne immediately steps up to help, yet Ka'kwet's fate in this scandalous affair is not shown in the series.

Charlie SloaneEdit

Charlie on season three has feelings for Anne, but she doesn’t feel the same.


Anne is a female given name of Hebrew origin and means God has favoured me. The spelling, Anne, is a French form of the name Anna. Her last name, Shirley, means bright meadow.

  • Anne's name is pronounced Ann, but if it is spelled without the e she gets very angry as she disliked the name Ann but preferred the name Anne.

Behind the scenesEdit



  • The casting call describes Anne as, 11-14 year old girl, max. height 5'4", the smaller and wispier the better. Anne is impoverished and underfed. Anne is not old-fashioned, precious or glib. She’s a modern girl with a massive heart, a sense of justice, a searing intellect and, for better and for worse, an inability to self-edit. She is spunky, forthright, full of imagination, quirky and interesting. She is also a deeply wounded kid — she bears the emotional scars of the abusive life she’s led so far. Anne is full of contradictions, insecurities and deep emotions in a time when emotions were not welcomed or acceptable. ANNE will explore what it means to be a young person navigating adolescence and facing a changing era.[1]
  • The official description on the CBC website states: After an abusive childhood spent in orphanages and working in the homes of strangers, 13-year-old Anne Shirley is a remarkably resilient girl with a unique spirit, fierce intellect and brilliant imagination.[2]


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