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"Anne's History" (アン・生い立ちを語る An Oitachi wo kataru) is the fourth episode of Anne of Green Gables.


On the way to White Sands, Anne tells Marilla of her life so far. Marilla begins to feel pity for Anne, passed from home to home and starved for love.


Voice cast[]

Main cast

Guest cast

  • Akiko Takamura as Woman



Behind the scenes[]


  • This episode covers the events that occurred in "Anne's History", the fifth chapter of Anne of Green Gables".
  • This episode marks the first and only appearances of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, the three of their children (most likely Horace, Edward and Harry), Mr. and Mrs. Hammond, the eight of their children and an unnamed woman.
  • At the time of making this episode, the first names of members of Thomas and Hammond family were unknown. They were revealed almost 30 years later, when Before Green Gables was published.


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