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Annabelle Lanyon is an English actress, also known for her role of Dora Keith in 1975 TV series Anne of Avonlea.



Year Title Role
1972 Pardon My Genie Tina
Sykes Amanda
ITV Playhouse Scrap Kenton
1973 The Adventures of Black Beauty Alice
The Dick Emery Show On-screen Participant
1974 The Little Match Girl Charlotte
1974 - 1975 The Brothers Carol Hammond
1975 Anne of Avonlea Dora Keith
1976 Clayhanger Alicia Orgreave
1977 The Flockton Flyer Jessica Carter
1979 The Quatermass Conclusion Isabel
Quatermass Isabel
1980 The Old Curiosity Shop Small Servant
The Dick Emery Hour
1981 The Story of Ruth Ruth
1981 - 1982 Nanny Artemis Sackville
1982 Gulliver in Lilliput Princess Glintchac
Nancy Astor Nancy
1983 Spooky Elizabeth
Death of an Expert Witness Nell Kerrison
1985 Legend Oona
1988 Dream Demon Little Jenny
1989 The Bill Teenage Artist
1992 Ruth Rendell Mysteries Miss Elf
2000 Arrest & Trial Dorothy Bowyer
BloodHounds, Inc Hippy Girl
2001 Eden
2006 An Existential Affair Shane
Are You Ready For Love? Testimonial Woman
2008 Shooting Jill AD
2009 Burlesque Fairytales Queen of Hearts
2014 Vertical Village Anita Anderson

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