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Captain Amasa MacComber was the husband of Kate MacComber and the builder of Windy Poplars.


Early life[]

Amasa was most likely born in the 1810s in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. MacComber. He was raised there and attended school at the age of six.

He became a sea captain and sailed all over the world. Probably in the 1840s he met his future wife, Kate.

Marriage with Kate MacComber[]

They married and travelled all over the world. Then they settled down in Summerside in a house which he built and named Windy Poplars.

"'Oh, Captain MacComber called it that. It was his house, you know. He planted all the poplars round it and was mighty proud of it, though he was seldom home and never stayed long. Aunt Kate used to say that was inconvenient, but we never got it figured out whether she meant his staying such a little time or his coming back at all."
Mrs. Braddock about Amasa and Windy Poplars.

Captain MacComber bought a movable set of steps foreign place and brought it home. They placed them in the Tower Room, where Anne Shirley lived after his death.


Amasa died of an unknown death on October 9 of an unknown year (certainly before 1887). At his funeral, the front door on Windy Poplars was opened for the last time. After that, they used only the back door until the Maplehurst Ladies, Sarah and Ellen Pringle visited Anne because of Andy Bryce's diaries and Rebecca had to open the front door.



Amasa is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means burden.


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