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Alice Ford (née Selwyn) was the Schoolmaster's daughter and the mother of Owen Ford.


Early life[]

Alice was born in House of Dreams in 1832 to Persis and John Selwyn, one year after her mother came from England to Four Winds.

"Alice - Alice - the first baby ever born in that little house. No baby ever brought more joy! I've dandled her a hundred times. It was from my knee she took her first steps alone. Can't I see her mother's face watching her - and it was near sixty years ago."
Captain Jim about Alice.[src]

She was raised there along with her younger siblings until her family moved to Charlottetown. Alice was 14 when they moved.


In the 1850s, she met an Ontario man named Ford and fell in love with him. A few years later they married. Their only son, Owen, was born in the late 1850s. Alice always told little Owen stories about her family and her birthhouse in Four Winds.

"My mother was born and spent her childhood here, you know. She used to talk a great deal to me of her old home."
—Alice's son Owen Ford about his mother.

Unfortunately, Alice died in the early 1860s, when Owen was only a boy. She never met Leslie and her grandchildren, Kenneth and Persis.



Alice is a female given name of Old German origin and means noble or exalted.


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