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The following events occurred in the year 1880.






  • Undated: Teddy Armstrong is born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island.[1] Emily Scott and James A. Harrison get married, most likely in Nova Scotia.[2]
  • winter: Marilla discovers that Anne is now taller than herself.[3]
  • March 5: Anne turns 15.
  • spring: Marilla notes that Anne doesn't talk as much as she used to. The story club is no longer in existence. There are two more months before the Entrance.[3]
  • June: Miss Stacy gives practice exams for her Queen's students, and Anne does well.[4]
  • June (last day of term): Miss Stacy finishes her term in Avonlea.[4]
  • July (the following Monday): Anne goes to Charlottetown and boards at Beechwood with Miss Barry.[4]
  • July (Tuesday): Miss Stacy escorts Anne, Jane, Ruby and Josie to the Academy. The English exam is in the morning and the history exam is in the afternoon.[4]
  • July (Wednesday): The day of the geometry exam.[4]
  • July (Thursday): There are more exams at Queen's.
  • July (Friday): Anne arrives home at Green Gables and reunites with Diana.[4]
  • July (two weeks later): Anne and the other Queen's students (except Moody Spurgeon) begin to "haunt" the post office for the newspaper with the pass list.[4]
  • one week later: The pass list is still not out.[4]
  • soon after: Mr Barry brings the newspaper with the pass list from Bright River, and Diana hurries to Green Gables to show it to Anne. All seven Avonlea students have passed, with Anne and Gilbert tied for first. Jane, Ruby and Charlie also did well, Josie passed with three marks to spare and Moody Spurgeon is conditioned in history. Marilla, Matthew and Mrs Lynde are all proud of Anne.[4]
  • August: There is a concert at the White Sands Hotel in aid of the Charlottetown hospital, and Anne has been asked to recite. Billy Andrews drives Anne, Diana and Jane there. When her turn comes, Anne is almost overcome with stage fright, but sees Gilbert in the audience and is determined not to fail in front of him. She does well and is encored.[5]
  • August (the next three weeks): Anne gets ready for Queen's.[6]
  • Summer: Captain Jim finds George Moore in Havana, Cuba. Mistaking him for his cousin Dick, Jim takes him home to Four Winds, Prince Edward Island.[7]
  • September: Matthew drives Anne to Charlottetown. Anne and Gilbert are taking up the Second Year work, allowing them to get a First Class teacher's licence in one year. Jane, Ruby, Josie, Charlie and Moody Spurgeon are taking the Second Class work. Anne is boarding in a place chosen by Miss Barry, and Josie, Jane and Ruby visit her. Josie tells Anne that Queen's is getting an Avery scholarship, which pays for four years at Redmond College. The Avery is in English and English literature, and Anne privately resolves to win it.[6]
  • October-December: The Avonlea students settle in to Queen's, going home every Friday for the weekends via the new branch railway at Carmody. Anne makes two new friends in her Second Year classes: Stella Maynard and Priscilla Grant.[8]

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