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The following events occurred in the year 1879.







  • Undated: Ellen and Rosemary West's brother dies in Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island.[1]
  • March 5: Anne turns 14.
  • Spring: Rose West gets pneumonia and dies in Four Winds, Prince Edward Island. Dick Moore visits his relations in Nova Scotia and decides to sail to Cuba.[2]
  • June (Thursday): Matthew has a bad spell with his heart, and Marilla stays home from the Aid meeting.[3]
  • June (last day of school): Miss Stacy announces that she will be back in Avonlea for the next school year. Anne locks her books away in the attic and resolves to have a good summer.[3]
  • June 30: Mrs. Irving dies in Boston, United States.[4]
  • the next day: Mrs. Lynde visits Green Gables to ask why Marilla was not at the Aid meeting.[3]
  • July (early in vacation): The Spencervale doctor meets Anne again and sends a message to Marilla, telling her to keep Anne in the open air all summer.[5]
  • July-August: Anne has a golden summer and grows two inches.[5] Dick Moore dies in Havana, Cuba.[6]
  • September: Miss Stacy returns to Avonlea and teaches the Queen's class again.[5]

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