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The following events occurred in the year 1876.







  • Undated: Frank West commits suicide in Four Winds, Prince Edward Island. Likely shortly after, his mother Mrs. West, dies in Four Winds, Prince Edward Island.[1]
  • first week in February: Mr Hammond dies of a weak heart.[2]
  • February (three days afterwards): Relatives from both sides arrive and parcel out the children.[3]
  • February (the next day): It is decided that Anne will go to the orphanage in Hopetown. She says goodbye to Violetta and Miss Haggerty. Mr McDougall visits, and she returns the photo she stole from him.[4]
  • February (the next day): Mrs Larsen takes Anne to the orphan asylum.[5] Miss Carlyle notes that Anne is eleven, though this is not strictly true.[6]
  • February (the next day): First day at the asylum. Miss Kale, the teacher, is fifty-five years old. Edna Godfrey is 'about twelve'.[7]
  • March 5: Anne turns eleven.[8]
  • April (approx. ten weeks after Anne's arrival): Anne and Edna become friends.[9]
  • May: Anne tells Edna about her (Anne's) past.[9]
  • later: Edna betrays Anne.[9]
  • June (two weeks later): Anne has now been at the asylum for three and a half months. Tessa is eight years old. It is June.[10]
  • June (a Saturday): Edna tells Anne that a fancy lady from PEI is coming to take two girls away with her. Anne resolves to be good enough to hopefully be chosen.[10]
  • June (the following Sunday): Anne's behaviour and hard work impresses Miss Carlyle and Miss Kale.[11]
  • June (the following Monday): Mrs Spencer pays a visit to the asylum. Anne has been there for four months. There has not been an adoption for eleven months. Miss Carlyle recommends Lily Jones (five years old) and Anne.[11] Mrs Spencer takes them away with her, and they travel to PEI and the Bright River train station. Flora Jane Spencer is 'now in her late teens'.[12] Mrs Rachel Lynde pays a visit to Green Gables.[8] Matthew is sixty. Diana is 'about eleven'.[13] Anne arrives at Green Gables.[14]
  • June (the next day): Marilla decides to take Anne to the Spencers' to sort the mess out.[15] Anne tells Marilla about herself.[16] At the Spencers', Mrs Blewett offers to take Anne, but Marilla refuses. Anne and Marilla return to Green Gables.[17] Anne says her prayers.[18]
  • June (the next day): Marilla tells Anne she can stay at Green Gables. It is only a fortnight until the school holidays (which presumably start in July). Diana Barry is visiting her aunt in Carmody.[19]
  • July: Anne has been at Green Gables for a fortnight. The school holidays have presumably begun. Mrs Lynde has had grippe since she visited Green Gables, and has only now recovered. She visits Green Gables and insults Anne about her looks. Anne flies into a temper and insults Mrs Lynde in return. Marilla is at least fifty years old.[20]
  • July (the next day): Matthew helped Marilla paper the spare room four years ago, but has never been upstairs since. He visits Anne and persuades her to apologise. After milking, Marilla takes Anne to Lynde's Hollow, and Anne apologises to Mrs Lynde.[21]
  • July (a Saturday): Marilla presents Anne with three newly made-up, very plain dresses.[22]
  • July (the next day – Sunday): Marilla has a headache, so Anne goes to Sunday-school alone, but decorates her plain hat with pink and yellow flowers. There are nine other girls in her class, all with puffed sleeves. Miss Rogerson, her teacher, is a middle-aged lady who has taught a Sunday-school class for twenty years.[22]
  • July (the following Friday): Marilla finds out about the flowers on Anne's hat. Diana Barry returns from Carmody in the afternoon, and Marilla and Anne pay a visit to Orchard Slope, where Anne finds a bosom friend in Diana. Diana's birthday is in February. It has only been three weeks since Anne came.[23]
  • July (the next day): Anne and Diana build a playhouse (Idlewild) in Mr William Bell's birth grove.[23]
  • August: There is to be a Sunday-school picnic next week.[24]
  • August (the following Saturday): It rains, and Anne is worried about the fate of the picnic. Marilla makes her sew an extra patchwork square.[24]
  • August: (the following Sunday): Marilla wears her amethyst brooch to church as usual.[24]
  • August: (the following Monday): Marilla attends a Ladies' Aid meeting while wearing her black lace shawl. In the evening, she discovers her brooch missing. Anne was the last person to touch it, but denies taking it. Marilla decides to keep Anne in her room until she confesses.[25]
  • August (the following Tuesday): Anne confesses to Marilla with a fantastical tale about dropping the brooch in the Lake of Shining Waters. Marilla is flabbergasted, and tells Anne she still cannot attend the picnic.[25]
  • August (the following Wednesday): Marilla finds the brooch accidentally caught on her black lace shawl. Anne goes to the Sunday-school picnic after all, and has a splendid time.[25]
  • September 1: Anne's first day of school. The teacher is Mr Phillips; she is in the fourth book and the others her age are in the fifth. Prissy Andrews is sixteen and is studying for the entrance exam to Queen's next year. Anne receives her first compliment.[26]
  • September (three weeks later): Anne named Lovers' Lane 'before she had been a month at Green Gables'. Gilbert Blythe has been 'visiting his cousins in New Brunswick all summer and he only came home Saturday night', according to Diana. His father was sick four years ago and went out to Alberta for his health. Gilbert went with him; they were there three years, during which Gilbert hardly went to school. Both Gilbert and Josie are in the fourth book with Anne, though Gilbert is 'nearly fourteen'; Josie is implied to be nine or ten. That afternoon, Gilbert takes Anne's hair and calls her 'Carrots'; she retaliates by cracking her slate across his head and is punished by Mr Phillips, who makes her stand on the platform with 'Ann Shirley has a very bad temper' written above her head. Gilbert tries to apologise to Anne, but is coldly rebuffed.[26]
  • September (the next day): Anne is singled out by Mr Phillips for punishment after arriving late to school after the dinner hour, even though the boys were just as late as her. She has to sit next to Gilbert Blythe for the rest of the afternoon, and when school is over, she takes her school things and vows never to return. Marilla, flabbergasted, goes to Mrs Lynde for advice, and Mrs Lynde tells her to let Anne learn her lessons at home for the time being.[26]
  • later: Marilla comes in to find Anne crying bitterly at the prospect of losing Diana once Diana gets married, which makes Marilla let out a hearty laugh.[26]
  • later: Anne forgets to put the tea to draw until it's time to sit down for supper. Matthew puts the tea down himself and Anne tells him a fairy story while they wait. She forgets the ending, but just substitutes her own, and Matthew says he can't tell where the join came in.[27]
  • October (a Tuesday): There is plum pudding for dessert at Green Gables. Marilla tells Anne to put the leftover half pudding and jug of sauce in the pantry, covered, to keep for another day. Anne, however, daydreams and forgets all about covering the sauce.
  • October (the following Wednesday): In the morning, Anne remembers the sauce and runs to the pantry to find a mouse drowned in it. She removes the mouse and intends to ask Marilla if she should give the sauce to the pigs, but forgets. Mr and Mrs Chester Ross from Spencervale visit Green Gables that morning and stay for dinner, when Marilla decides to serve the warmed-up plum pudding and sauce for dessert. Anne jumps up and shouts out that there was a mouse drowned in the pudding sauce. Marilla takes away the sauce and serves strawberry preserves instead, but scolds Anne after Mr and Mrs Chester Ross leave.[27]
  • October (the following Saturday): In the morning, Diana rides to Mr Harmon Andrews' house in Matthew's cart. Anne goes to Orchard Slope to invite Diana to tea. Marilla goes to a Ladies' Aid meeting at Carmody in the afternoon, leaving Anne alone at Green Gables while Matthew hauls a load of potatoes to the Lily Sands. Diana arrives shortly after Marilla leaves. Anne and Diana have tea, and Anne goes to the pantry to get the raspberry cordial Marilla said they could have. Unfortunately, after drinking three glasses of the cordial, Diana feels sick and insists on going home.[27]
  • October (the following Sunday): It rains all day, forcing Anne to stay home.[27]
  • October (the following Monday): In the afternoon, Marilla sends Anne to Mrs Lynde's on an errand. Mrs Lynde, who visited Mrs Barry that morning, tells Anne that Mrs Barry is angry at Anne for setting Diana drunk on Saturday and sending her home in such a condition. Mrs Barry decides not to let Diana play with Anne anymore, leaving Anne heartbroken. Both Marilla and later Anne visit Mrs Barry to explain (and Anne to apologise), but Mrs Barry refuses to be moved.[27]
  • October (the following Tuesday): Diana and Anne share a tearful farewell by the Dryad's Bubble.[28]
  • October (the following Monday): Anne returns to school, where she is welcomed back. Gilbert Blythe leaves a strawberry apple on her desk, but she refuses to touch it. Diana now sits with Gertie Pye, and Anne with Minnie Andrews.[28]
  • October (the following Tuesday): Timothy Andrews discovers the apple and takes it for his own. Anne and Diana pass heartfelt notes in school.[28]
  • October (end of the month): Anne and Gilbert have become academic rivals. Gilbert beats Anne in the monthly written examinations by three points.[28]
  • November (end of the month): Anne beats Gilbert in the exams by five points.[28]
  • later (by the end of the school term, probably December): Anne and Gilbert are both promoted into the fifth class, which introduces Latin, geometry, French and algebra to the workload. Anne finds geometry particularly challenging.[28]

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